Is It Baller Enough? (NBA 2K21)

Media by Joe Smith.

Basketball is a popular sport that many enjoy watching and collecting merchandise for, so it should be no surprise that there have been several video games made in its honor. The video games have attracted many basketball fans and created one big community where fans may go head to head against each other. The newest game in the franchise is NBA 2K21, and many have already taken to the online scene to polish up those new statistics. There is definitely one important question looming around: Is it worth the pick-up? Before revealing the answer, there are a few features of the game to highlight.

Rising to the Top

Media by 2K Games

This game boasts an intense story of the player’s rise to fame. You start off as a high school player that is held to high expectations because of your father. As you start to play more, you get better and remember things that your dad told you about life and the game. Eventually, you catch the attention of a man that would like to be your advocate in raising you to the top as a star in the NBA. After all of this, it is college time. The game gives a selection of colleges to pick from and that leads you into the next stage of the story. In the college portion, you get a multitude of things coming on you at once such as a comedic character on the team, a coach showing you that there is much to be learned, a big NBA player scout giving you challenges, and even a love interest. There are also plenty of parts that require you to make a choice and that choice could change the path of the story, so be careful about what you decide to do! Finally, it comes to the major leagues. You are a prodigy and the NBA is your oyster. The entirety of it is competing with others for starting spots and making sure you are playing well enough to get playtime at all. It is a fun story that can keep you entertained for a while!

How Does It Feel?

Media by 2K Games.

Gameplay has a special spot in any franchise and why would it not? Enjoyment is a huge part of any game and this game does not skip out on many things. That is not to say that the gameplay is perfect, but it does run well. To start off, it has a system in place to set stats. That way your character can be fully customized and ready for whatever position you may want to play. It compiles all of the distributed stats into an average to gauge the skill level of your character called its “overall.” Your overall is also used to pair you up against players of a similar level. Next, the ease of movement and passing flows very well and makes for quick plays on the fly. Just be careful because other players can use that fancy movement to cross you up! Along with the movement and passing comes great techniques when it comes to shooting as well. You can predetermine your shot to be a fake or even get a badge that allows you to cancel your shot to pass instead. This opens up for a lot of outplay opportunities and makes the game feel more real than ever before. For more information on the game, check out the interview below:

Interview with NBA 2k ESports team captain, Antwon Knight. Media by Joe Smith.


NBA 2K21 is a great new addition to the franchise not only because of updated and polished mechanics from past games, but a fresh, new story to hop into! Now, back to the question: Is it worth the pick-up? The answer would have to be yes. With a fresh player base and story mode, you will have plenty of hours of enjoyment and possibly even make some new friends. See you on the courts!


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