Top 5 Trending Video Games of 2020

Pictures of characters from Among Us, Warzone, and Fall Guys.
Assembled by Jason Dossett.

This week’s article on the “Top 5 Series” is focusing on the top five trending video games of 2020. Recently, there have been some games rising to the top as they have been talked about and played by popular content creators, gamers, and other people looking for a good time. One of these people has been Matt White as he has enjoyed playing some of the following games.

5. Fortnite

Starting off the list is the game-changer that shook the video game scene when Epic Games came out with the free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite. While this game may have come out in 2017, this battle royale is still being played by 78.3 million active players and has had over 350 million as of May 2020. The different aspects of the game, such as building, custom maps, and unique characters, is what initially made Fortnite stand out from other games.

Media by Nintendo.

4. Rocket League

Next up is a game that just made a comeback on September 23rd when PSYONIX and Epic Games made it free to play. In its simplest form, Rocket League is remote controlled cars playing soccer, but don’t be fooled because it is so much more than that. This unique game has a lot of different aspects to it like different modes, workshop maps, and high-tier competitive gameplay. While Rocket League has been around for many years, it is still killing the game as it had over 1 million active players online the day it became free to play.

Media by Nintendo.

3. Among Us

Taking spot number three is the popular game that everybody has been trending recently called Among Us. Among Us involves imposters and crewmates. The imposters try and kill the crewmates while the crewmates try and figure out who the imposter is. In the last 20 days, this game has gained over 90,000 active players on Steam and has had a peak player count of 388,000. While this may be a fun game to play with friends, be ready for some intense arguments and always be on the lookout for whom the imposter may be.

White says, “Among Us is a non-stressful game that can be played with friends that can get intense with whoever you play with. It’s also nice because you can play with people you know and have a good time.”

Media by Steam.

2. Fall Guys

Fall Guys falls into the second spot on the list as it captured everybody’s attention when it came out on August 4, 2020. This simple concept of multiple mini-games, such as racing to the top, playing tag, and avoiding obstacles with fun little characters, attracted over 27 million players as of the 20th of September. This innovative game is only just beginning as there is also talk of updates and more features in the future.

White says, “I think Fall Guys is an addicting and fun game that wants you to keep going until you get the win.”

Media by DevolverDigital.

1. COD: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone takes the cake this week as it went above and beyond the other battle royale games with a shocking 60 million registered players within the first six months. Activision hit the nail on the head as they made the battle royale free in order to let people get a feel for the game. The aspects of this game, such as driving a vehicle, flying a helicopter, and helping out your team, is what makes this game fun and exciting. Warzone has been being talked about and played by everybody as each player is trying to be the best in order to obtain victory.

White says, “Lastly, Warzone is a classic game that brings a COD feel to the royale mode which brings the two things together that I enjoy to play.”

Media by Activision.

Overall, these trending games have been dominating the gaming scene as they have been played and talked about by many streamers, creators, and friends looking for a fun time. Make sure to try one of the games above while they are rising to the top, and let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. Great read Jason! I left with a better understanding of video games that I’ve heard of but never had the chance to experience. Keep up the hard work!!


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