Expectations of Super Bowl LV

Raymond James Stadium at Tampa, FL. Media by Jason Behnken for Bleacher Report (Associated Press). Edited by Jose Soutullo
Raymond James Stadium at Tampa, FL. Assembled by Jose Soutullo.

The Super Bowl is one of the most talked about sporting events each year. It brings in the most revenue of any sport with ticket sales and the viewership it receives. Super Bowl Sunday has nearly been regarded as a national holiday. The event brings many people together, whether the team they typically cheer for is playing or not. 

The Super Bowl will always be one of the top revenue generators in the sports world. Over the years, its commercials have become a big hit along with the game itself. Additionally, people will also tune in just for the halftime show. With the world’s pandemic at the moment, the Super Bowl will look a little different this year. There will still be a halftime show, but with a limited number of fans in attendance, it will be even more important to have people engaged from their televisions. The halftime show has always played a large role for the millions of viewers watching from their televisions. This year, there will be a big focus on it and its commercials because the at-home viewership could be the highest it has ever been. With that being said, the prices of commercial ads could go up and still keep the Super Bowl lucrative without ticket sales. 

Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV logo on a football helmet. Media by Business Observer.

This year, a large focus will be put on commercials. When speaking with Greenville’s wide receiver coach on the football team, Jacolby Maxwell, he believes this may not be a good thing for some businesses. “It’ll hold much more weight for companies because of the impact that COVID may have had on their business.” He believes that it’ll cost more for a commercials to air during the Super Bowl. This could affect smaller businesses that have to decide between possibly making a profit from putting a commercial on air or struggling to stay afloat.

While there will be some adjustments for the fans, the players will have the biggest challenge to face. They have currently been playing in games now that have allowed zero to a very small number of fans. Because they will have played the whole season like this, they will somewhat be used to the atmosphere. It is rumored that there will be 20 percent capacity for the game. Kyler Henson, Greenville University’s running back coach for the football team, believes it is going to feel extremely weird for fans and players this Super Bowl. “Not seeing the stadium full of screaming fans will affect the game. Momentum won’t be as much of a factor,” Henson says. There’s no doubt that the Super Bowl will be offset this year, but the fans allowed to watch at the stadium will do their best to make it as normal as possible for the players. The Super Bowl will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Considering the capacity of the stadium, the Super Bowl should be having at least 13,000 fans, so there will be some crowd noise for the players to gain energy. Depending on the matchup, the competing teams could also cause an issue for the game. Even if the opponents are two teams with experience in the Super Bowl, it can be challenging to acclimate to the atmosphere that the big game usually brings. From the player’s standpoint, this will be a challenge this year, especially compared to what the event usually offers.

In the end, Super Bowl 55 will be different for everyone, but there will still be a big attraction. Super Bowl Sunday is still going to bring people together to enjoy the commercials, halftime show, and, of course, the big game.

Media by Jose Soutullo Fernandez.


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