GU Campus: The Great Partner in High-End Photo Shoots

Fashion photos at Greenville University. Media by Sang Nguyen Xuan.

Greenville University is an optimal option to refresh Instagram or Facebook by providing photo lovers with stunning and fashionable backgrounds. There are particular places for students and guests to take great photoshoots. With the help of friends, people can be parts of VOGUE muses. The balance of color and objects support people to have alluring and high-end shoots. Slay the runway (or Instagram feed) by getting to these places recommended below, following these tips, and enjoying the photoshoots.

1) GU Panthers Signs

Whenever people think about Greenville University, the image of the orange panther will immediately pop up in their heads. The orange panther is omnipresent on and off campus. Many can see it on the banners on the road once they get into Greenville University.

Media by Michael Duong.

There are two particular locations where models can find the orange panther signs. The first one is located in the wall of the HJ Long Gym, while the second one is out at the tennis courts. Wearing something sporty might win the followers’ hearts. Yet, it seems a bit assimilated if everyone has the same style of photo. Don’t worry! There are a couple of tips to upgrade the photoshoots.

First, putting on the fashion items that have the same color as the orange panther, which are black and orange. The panther might be fierce and powerful, but don’t be afraid of losing your spotlights. Posing and presence will tackle that. This style is “integration without assimilation,” said Michael Duong. For the close-up shots, showing fierceness would incredibly reflect the spirit of the panther, which is powerful and determined. For the full-body photo shoots, the camera should start at a low angle, where the camera points upwards from below. The low camera angles will make models’ bodies look taller, thinner, and more professional.

2) The Rock Pavement around Whitlock Music Center

This place is an interesting place for models in the summer. Students do not have to travel far away to have summer-vibe-photos. Because it is a summer look, models should wear summer clothes such as T-shirts, shorts, skirts, etc. Models should sit straight-backed on the rock pavement with one foot lying on the ground while the other creates a 65-degree angle. Look straight at the camera or two sides of the scene. Slightly smiling always brings a captivating vibe to the photos.

Media by Michael Duong.

3) Jo’s Java

There is a big tree in front of Jo’s Java (the on-campus coffee shop) for people to take photos. Every piece of clothing and any kind of position would work in this scenario. In other words, all model poses and styles would work. There are two high-fashion angles to consider. The first camera angle is the vision of looking from Jo’s Java to the parking lot. Models will shine thanks to the background. The other camera angle is looking from the parking lot to Jo’s. Plus, there are picnic tables in front of Jo’s. Don’t feel hesitant to use them as tools.   

Media by Michael Duong.

4) Trees

The “Green” in “Greenville” is the hint. Every tree on the GU campus would be a great partner in the photo. The roughness and brownness of trees will be best reflected through the portraits or close-up photoshoots. To nail the close-up shoots, models can turn their back to the camera, direct their eyes to the one side, and slightly smile. With the portraits shots, leaning the back opposite the trees would help models look more stunning.

Fashion tips to work with this background are that models should wear light-color fashion items such as blue, orange, etc. Silver or golden accessories are encouraged to look sharper.

5) Front Door of All Buildings on Campus

Media by Michael Duong.

The orange bricks in the background emphasize the models with their color. Models can have fascinating photoshoots there. It could be the front door of La Due Auditorium with jeans and crop-tops, behind the library with dark glittery shirts, or in front of Joy Hall. The camera angles are variable. With this background, every pose works. In these photos, Sarah Burgener chooses the camera angle which starts low. “This camera angle makes my photos more symmetrical,” said Burgener.

Greenville University is a great place for those who want to bring a new vibe to their Instagram. It encourages not only students but others to be creative, confident, and fashionable. Don’t hesitate to participate in this fashion set. GU always welcomes people with an open heart to see things through a different lens.



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