Runner’s Profile: Alyssa Comer

Media by Dustin Bankowski.

At every athletic level across the country, there are rosters made up of phenomenal athletes. One of these phenomenal groups at Greenville University is the women’s cross country team. Greenville University’s Alyssa Comer is a part of this team and has enjoyed her experiences as a member.

Media by Dylon Niswonger.

Comer is a junior who is a member of both the cross country and track and field teams. She is also a double major in criminal justice and social work. Hailing from Granite City, Illinois, she completed her schooling in Granite City High School running track and cross country just as she is now. According to Comer, her favorite thing about running is the rush of excitement and energy she gets from running, which is why she fell in love with it from a very young age. After being offered to come to Greenville to participate in the sports she loved, it didn’t take much for her to fall in love with the school as well. “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to continue to do the sport I love and receive a faith-based education.” Her love for the school has only grown over the years and especially with the friendships she has formed.

She has been fortunate to be able to practice with her teammates despite the pandemic. Comer was saddened at the fact that her sophomore track season and fall cross country season were canceled due to COVID-19. In March, the NCAA canceled all fall sports (allotting a few) and unfortunately, cross country was axed for the fall. Now, a couple of months in advance, GU is allowing athletes to participate in nonaffiliated meets, like on Friday, September 11th in Hillsboro, Illinois. Comer was thankful that she was able to run in this meet. She also went on record saying that she was, “PUMPED” at the opportunity to be able to participate in meets for the fall season, albeit unaffiliated. ”While it sucked to not have a true season this year, this struggle only provided me with new motivation and determination. At the end of the day, I hope everyone follows the guidelines so we can all slowly transition back into normal seasons for all sports.” Through all the doubt that she faced throughout the summer, she maintained a strong sense of positivity in the face of a difficult situation. 

Media by Greenville University.

Comer’s favorite memory thus far at Greenville and on the cross country team is cross camp. Cross camp is a boot camp of sorts for all runners in order to make the team. As long as they make it through without quitting, then they are on the team. Comer’s favorite part of this whole thing is the unity it brings. She loves meeting all the freshmen, transfers, and even some of the upperclassmen. ”I just love meeting new people and getting to know my teammates. I’m excited to form new bonds,” Comer stated. When asked what word would be able to describe the Greenville University cross country team, Comer responded by saying, ”family.” She also said how togetherness and unity are preached and put into action on the team.

Much like many others on her team, Comer is optimistic regardless of the state of her season. She’s excited to see how she and her phenomenal teammates develop over the course of the year.

Media by Dustin Bankowski.


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