Senior Spotlight: Maria Rodriguez

Media by Isiah Dortch.

Maria Rodriguez, a senior on the women’s basketball team, is ready to put in the work this season and get to playing games. Rodriguez was born on February 29, 1996, in Colima, Mexico, and is the second youngest of four siblings. She now lives in Firebaugh, California, and is currently majoring in psychology at Greenville. Rodriguez first started playing basketball in sixth grade and her passion and love for the game have not stopped since.

Media by Maria Rodriguez.

Rodriguez chose psychology as her major and intends to continue to go to school after graduation and work on getting her Master’s in psychology. She said, “I chose psychology because I’ve always wanted to help people with their personal problems. So if my career ends up being a therapist, then I have made it!” Before coming to Greenville, Rodriguez played basketball at Merced JC which is a community college in Merced, California. She made an impact playing basketball at Merced JC and knew she wanted to continue playing basketball in the future. She also always dreamed of playing basketball at a four-year university. So when she had the opportunity to do so, she took it with no hesitation. Rodriguez commented on how she found Greenville. “I found Greenville because a guy from my area came here and kept posting things and I ended up messaging him asking about how the school is and all, then I decided to message Coach Mo to see if I could come and play here the following year.”

This is Rodriguez’s second year at GU and she has made a lot of good memories. She couldn’t pick just one, but she is excited to make many more since this is her senior season. However, this season will be different from any other season due to COVID. Regardless of the circumstances, Rodriguez talked about what she was excited about most for this season. She said, “The process. I am always excited about the process because that is what truly matters. The journey to get to where I want to get. In this case, a championship in basketball.” Rodriguez already can tell this team is going to be good and fun to play with just by the energy they bring to practice and the team chemistry they have which is very important in a team.

“I think she will bring enthusiasm and a love for the game that not many people have. She has a contagious energy and a work ethic that is second to none.”

Coach Katie Nehf

Rodriguez is ready to enjoy her last year but also ready to take on leadership roles. She is willing to help anyone on the team and leads them through her passion and love for the game. With the season just around the corner, you can catch Maria in the gym putting in the work trying to get better every day. She works hard and is willing to push anyone and everyone in practice and in games.

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Media by Isiah Dortch.



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