Thriller Night!

Halloween party. Media by Joe Smith.

As everyone knowss, another Halloween just passed by and with it, the parties as well. One such party was the wonderfully spooky party that happened on October 30th on GU’s campus! Hosted by the joined efforts of WGRN and Resident’s Life, the party had fire pits, lawn games, costumes, and sweet beverages for all of the good little girls and boys. The amazing ring leaders, Johnny Hinton and Gidget Wade, planned out and conducted the entire event with the help of their pretty little helpers. It was a fun time and brought many together.

Johnny Hinton is the CRE for Hood Hall and has been with the university for a while. Hinton has also helped coordinate and host many events on campus.

Interview with Johnny Hinton. Media by Joe Smith.

Gidget Wade is a student at Greenville University. Wade has a position at WGRN and works with WGRN to host the halloween party each year Wade has been at the University.

Interview with Gidget Wade. Media by Joe Smith.

Fire Pits, Food, and Fun

Many came to the food table to find that, to their surprise, they were given a cold hotdog and some chili. There were quite a few fire pits set up to cook the hotdogs. The only problem was that the fire pits would not stay lit, but that made it all the more fun. Only one would stay lit at one time and this called for one big game of “ring around the fire pit.” This did not stop everyone from finally being able to enjoy their hotdogs and chili as well as some delicious cider and hot chocolate. The music playlist put together by WGRN set the perfect mood for the event. In the end, it came around to being dinner and a show!

And Lawn Games!?

To fulfill the need of something fun to do while waiting for the biggest part of the event to happen, hosts set up several lawn games to not only entertain the masses but to bring people together. There were constantly groups around the games. Whether it was bean bags or frisbees, the groups had fun tossing them into holes for points. The lawn games livened up the party and kept it going.

This Is Halloween!

Afterwards came the part that everyone had been waiting for, a showing of A Nightmare Before Christmas! With a decorated LaDue Auditorium, the movie was shown on the big screen and wonderful surround sound through speakers. The spooky atmosphere and awesome movie combined for a grand finale! `

LaDue Auditorium set up for the movie. Media by Joe Smith.

This year’s WGRN Halloween party was one for the record books! Remember that it is an annual party, so be sure to go to the party next year. The aspect of cooking your own food and enjoying time around the fire was amazing. It felt like going camping and opened up for a ton of fun memories with others around campus. The lawn games kept the clock turning and the entertainment coming. Finally, rounding it all off with a movie just brought the entire party together to be a spectacular time for everyone involved! Keep a lookout for anymore events by WGRN or Residence Life on campus!


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