Where Chinese Students Shop in Greenville

Media by Ruby Chen.

Thanks to being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, campus life in a small town is the dream of many flourishing students. On the basis of guaranteeing the beautiful and quiet campus life, Greenville University also brings convenient living conditions for students on campus. Because it is located in a small country town, there are not many large shops and supermarkets around Greenville University. Therefore, a variety of smaller shopping stores and supermarkets have been built around the school, such as IGA, CVS, Dollar General, and so on. For Chinese students, IGA and CVS may be more popular, as their products are more comprehensive and offer great discounts.

Media by Ruby.

The IGA is one of Greenville’s largest lifestyle supermarkets. It’s also the only life supermarket in Greenville that students can safely walk to. It covers all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as daily necessities. It also offers a series of special products for Chinese students and non-local students. Surprisingly, it has a Chinese version of Lee Kee hoisin sauce. IGA has also been operating under the concept of “fresh ingredients first,” which is one of the reasons why students like it. IGA’s service is also very good, and it has its own delivery service, but only if you buy enough goods to meet the minimum price. However, the store is not far away from the school. It is only ten to fifteen minutes’ walk away, making it a great place to go on a weekend shopping date with friends.

Media by Ruby.

CVS Pharmacy is a drugstore. It sells some cosmetics and provides some over-the-counter medicines such as vitamins and various snack products. Some of the genuine medical hair care products are the best-selling products of CVS. The store will also launch some buy-one-get-one-free or buy-two-get-one-free activities at a specific time, which is also quite favorable for college students. What is highly recommended here is the juice beef jerky in the store, which is the favorite of Chinese overseas students. Although it is a little expensive, students still choose to buy it when there are discount activities.

Lei Wu, student at GU, said, “I am an overseas Chinese student. My favorite thing in school is to go to IGA because there are a lot of products that I need there. I can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, which is convenient for me to cook some meals by myself. In addition, IGA introduces some products for non-local students. It is also close to my student dormitory, so it is very convenient to buy things when I need to. There seems to be no store like CVS. In China, there is usually a small supermarket in a small community that is privately owned. Then there will be a drugstore in several neighborhoods. However, there is no difference between the layout and the general store. I also went to such a store for the first time.”

Generally speaking, the shopping facilities around Greenville University are very satisfactory and widely praised. The shopping experience of students at the university is very enjoyable. Therefore, students have great expectations for the shopping life and the corresponding service level of the Greenville community.


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