Who Is E-Sports’ Jeremy Whisenton?

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Media by Ryan Taylor.

As children, we often grasp skills and hobbies and run with them. As years and time pass these skills become a part of us. Countless hours are dedicated, sacrifices are made, and before we know it, we have become exceptional. This is no different for junior and E-sports team member, Jeremy Whisenton. Growing up in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, Whisenton was no stranger to the sport of video gaming even though at the time he did not realize that it was considered an actual sport. Motivated by watching his older brother and uncle’s consistent passion for gaming, Whisenton quickly became attached to the sport. In the early years of gaming for Whisenton, the then six-year-old gamer was not very good as he was obliterated in all types of games by his family members. This ignited a fire in Whisenton’s heart to get better. At the time, he strived to be better than them at everything they played regardless of how long it took.

Media by GU E-Sports.

Before long, Whisenton found himself not only gaming more often in his free time, but even winning. Flash forward and he found himself a spot on the Greenville University E-Sports roster. Now in his junior year, Whisenton and his team are ready to attack the games ahead of them with full force. Despite the shift in the way tournaments will be constructed this season due to the current pandemic, Whisenton expects that there will still be many tournaments to be played. “My expectations for the upcoming season is that we play in multiple online tournaments. It will be different, but the expectation of attending tournaments is there. The new players on the team are remarkable athletes. Watching them grow in skill is very exciting for me to see and I can’t wait to see their progress at the end of the season,” stated Whisenton. Although this pandemic has brought about many changes in everyone’s lives, Whisenton attempts to remain positive through it all by reminiscing on the positive aspects that he and his tight-knitted team have encountered. He shared, “One positive factor I’ve had in E-Sports is the traveling. While we don’t get to travel anymore, having memories of traveling and bonding with my teammates is a wonderful experience. Another positive factor is that the game is always updating. The same strategies won’t work and you must continue to try different plans. The different styles people play will make every game different.”

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Media by GU E-Sports.

Navigating through life is not something that can be done single-handedly with no help. It is beyond important to have older and more mature individuals in our lives who set positive examples. These examples will assist in life factors such as decision making and finding alternative ways to approach situations. Whisenton had his older brother as well as his uncle to guide him as he grew up and matured. Having these individuals in his corner to lead him has forced him to want to be that same light of guidance for his younger teammates. “I just want to lead by example. I won’t be here every year and somebody has to be able to take over this part of the program. All the teams in E-sports work hard and want their work recognized. I want my teammates to think of me as someone they can beat. I want people to be better than me so they can be the new leader. I also hope the team just has fun. At the end of the day, being better than who you were is the goal.”

The student body of Greenville University is excited to see where this upcoming season of E-Sports goes. With an outstanding leader like Whisenton on the roster, forward is the only way to go because that is where success lies.

Media by Ryan Taylor.



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