Canadian Grey’s Anatomy?

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Grey’s Anatomy has been huge in the medical genre, but is another show coming up in those rankings? Both shows give viewers themes of medicine, family, and romantic drama all in one, just like Grey’s. Transplant tells the story of a Syrian refugee making his life in Canada.

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Bashir “Bash” Hamed has fled from Syria due to the Syrian civil war and has taken refuge in Canada. Like his parent before him, he was a doctor. Now living in Canada with his preteen little sister, he struggles to make ends meet as a kitchen worker. Living in a small run-down apartment and behind on rent, he faces many struggles from trying to keep a roof over his two person family’s head to helping other refugees and those still stuck back in Syria.

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Bashir demonstrates his vast knowledge in the medical field by saving those who get hurt in an accident at the restaurant where he works. He does many medical procedures that many would not do without imaging and proper medical equipment. Bashir has mastered these skills trying to save people in the warzones of Syria. However, this knowledge isn’t enough and he faces many struggles. These include money, family problems, and racial discrimination. These are also seen in Grey’s anatomy, yet the main difference seen between the two shows at this moment in time is the amount of romantic drama.

Anna Finch, a fellow Greenville student and papyrus editor shined her opinion on the show and its stance with Grey’s Anatomy:

 “After watching the pilot, I’m definitely interested in watching the rest of the show. The shows are similar in the way that they’re both medical dramas that are set in big cities. However, everything else is so different. Bash’s background as a surgeon in the Syrian Civil War just gives him such a unique perspective as a character. All of the characters from Grey’s don’t really have this different dynamic. Although Transplant is interesting, Grey’s will always have my heart because I’ve watched it all from the beginning.”

-Anna Finch
Media by Sphere Media/NBC.

Much like Finch said, while they have the same base the shows are very different. Grey’s Anatomy, while a great show, gives much more romance drama instead of the more “realistic” dramas of the medical field. Bash is a very interesting character with much room to grow. He still has to build a life in a city while racial profiling is present. He is coming from nothing and building everything back while taking care of his young sister and hoping to give her the best life possible.

However, there is still romance and some romantic drama in the show. There is even some romance possibly in the cards for Bash. While this show is not heavily centered on the romance it would have been absurd to think it would be completely absent from the show. How about taking a chance on Bash and watching a new show?


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