Staying Creative While Staying in Shape

Media by Ruby Chen.

While studying abroad at Greenville University, many international students, specifically those from China, turn to colorful sports and fitness activities for entertainment. Here’s a look at what sports Chinese students play in school. Similar to many other students, they played table tennis in the Upper Union before the pandemic. However, with the presence of COVID, many students have turned to safer activities. For example, they go to the outdoor courts to play badminton and tennis, and other people run outside. In an effort to stay healthy, some students even bought Switch Ring Fit and Just Dance to get their bodies moving. Throughout all their efforts, students are doing their best to keep moving, despite the new health regulations.

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Playing table tennis is not only physical exertion, but it is also a training of reaction speed. Many students will learn to play table tennis in the Upper Union. There are couches and tables providing rest, table tennis balls, and table tennis paddles in the upstairs room. One international student, Tingxuan Ma, states, “The outbreak is more stable now, the Union is opened, so I think going to the Union to play table tennis has become the first choice. The Union also need not consider weather factors.” In Greenville, the school has a table tennis team that is very good. They train here occasionally, but fortunately, their practices do not frequently interfere with non-athletes’ play. On several occasions, the university has hosted a table tennis tournament. Although the competition is tough, especially when members of the table tennis team play, students are still able to have fun in a challenging environment.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, badminton was quite popular on campus. Ma comments, “However, if the weather is good, I will still have an appointment with friends to play badminton or tennis courts.” While Greenville’s badminton courts are indoor, they do overlap in the space of the volleyball courts, so when the volleyball teams are practicing, finding a time to use these indoor courts for badminton can be challenging. In order to still play, many students transform the outdoor tennis courts into makeshift badminton courts. Although playing badminton on the tennis courts is not ideal, students still make the most out of the situation by having fun while being active.

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In order to really get creative with their physical activity, some students have bought dance games. The dance machine is a very friendly option for those that want to have fun while staying fit. If the goal is to “move and get some cardio,” then this game goes beyond expectations. While it is fun to play by yourself, it’s even more fun if you play with someone else. Currently, students’ favorite song to dance to is Blackpink’s Kill This Love. Ma reflects, “On weekends, I will also ask my friends to play ring fit and just dance of switch. I enjoy this kind of sports time.”

Generally speaking, students are satisfied with the construction of sports venues and facilities in Greenville, and the students’ efforts towards fitness are also colorful. Both indoor and outdoor, students can find the joy of working out to enrich their college experience.



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