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Media by Anthony Esquivel.

When considering the world of art, there are many ways that people showcase their artwork, whether it is in the form of painting, sculpture, literature, or even music. However, for Erick Garcia, photography is his preferred medium. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Garcia is a senior at Greenville University. Growing up, Erick was just an average kid that loved watching YouTube videos. From his obsession over YouTube, he discovered that he had a passion for creating vlogs, but around 2018, he hit a rough patch in life that led to him giving up vlogging. Wanting to help their son find a passion again, Garcia’s parents bought him a camera, and from there, he began his journey of becoming a photographer.

Media by Erick Garcia.

According to Garcia, photography has given him a purpose in life again because he loves being able to show and embrace beauty, whether it is in a portrait of people or pictures of landscapes. Regardless of the subject, he is thrilled to share his work. This positive mindset has changed him and created many opportunities that he thought he didn’t know if he would be able to reach. With photography coming into his life and changing everything for him, he is able to go out and create this unique style that people can appreciate. Also, as a photographer, Garcia is able to do something different with every day. He doesn’t know what challenges and experiences each new project will bring, but he always embraces every projects – challenges and all – with positivity. At the end of every project, he is elated to share his work with others.

Media by Erick Garcia.

Although photography has been a total blessing in his life, Garcia still faces challenges with self-doubt. However, instead of giving in to this insecurity, he uses it to make himself better. From taking the picture to editing the photos, he wants to find ways to improve in all areas of his photography. Despite his insecurities, other people love to promote Garcia’s work, such as Sara Burgener and Mady Collier. When talking to them about Garcia’s photography, they both agreed that they loved Garcia’s photographing skills. Burgener explained, “When we go out and take photos with Erick, he is always uplifting towards us, hyping us up, and he just a good vibe to be around”.

While Garcia has excelled in his own photography, he is also very supportive of other photographers’ growth, whether it’s by giving guidance for camera angles, editing tips, or perfect location spots. He shares this advice by posting videos on Tik-Tok, and he currently has 28.9k followers. On his account, he posts videos that give guidance to other photographers, and he also posts videos that showcase his own work.

Erick Garcia’s TikTok. Media by TikTok.

After learning about Garcia and his photography journey, follow up with his work on Instagram and Tik-Tok. Also, for inquiries about a photo shoot with Garcia, make sure to message him on Instagram for more information.


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