Silas: Quack or Cracked?

Silas is the newest addition to AFK Arena, but is he good? Media by Joe Smith.

Have you ever gotten medicine that did not seem to work and it made you wonder if the doctor was a quack or not? Well, this doctor may not be real, but he is new to the roster of the big mobile game AFK Arena. Silas is a Graveborn healer, which is a new concept amongst the ranks of the respective faction. Silas has very unique abilities and designs that never looked like they would belong to a supporting character, but this character is a big competitor for being named the best support in the game.

His… Prescriptions?

Silas has a multitude of abilities in his kit that build him up to be an immortality kit for his team. His ultimate ability is called injected fury. Injected fury allows Silas to jump to his weakest ally and give them a fifty percent increase in attack rating, make them immune to all damage for ten seconds (at max rank), and then only apply seventy percent of the damage that would have been done to them (the ally can not die to the damage applied afterward). This ability essentially means that he can make an ally immortal for a bit while powering them up to do more damage. Silas’ first regular ability is called stimulated rage. Stimulated rage helps Silas quickly heal his weakest ally for twelve percent of his ally’s max health, and after that heal is finished, he starts to heal that ally each second by thirty-five percent of Silas’s attack rating for eleven seconds at max rank. It is a pretty straight forward healing ability that can help keep some sustained healing coming onto an ally to ensure death can be avoided.

These last two abilities are where things start to shift to the unique identity of Silas. Both make use of a gas cloud that can either help allies or hurt enemies. Double dosage is a gas cloud that Silas sprays onto the field that lasts for twelve seconds and will heal allies by thirty percent of Silas’ attack rating while damaging and reducing the recovery rate of enemies that are unlucky enough to stand in the cloud. This power is paired with the last skill called “healing haze.” Healing haze is a gas cloud that roams the field and heals allies that are within its radius by twenty percent of the health they have already lost per second they are in there. This cloud lasts as long as it takes for it to heal the equivalent to seven-hundred percent of Silas’ attack rating at max rank. These new and unique abilities help create an identity for Silas that makes him worth getting and using in order to have the capability to make allies immortal.

His Resume

Silas’ strengths exist in the core value of the character as a whole: the mad scientist identity that leaves a focus primarily on the experimentation on others with the use of enhancement drugs. The ultimate alone already made this new support have great synergy with the amazing tanks like Thoran or Izold, and it carries that need to be kept alive to do a metric ton of damage, similar to Ainz Ooal Gown or Safiya. Stack this up with all of the healing that Silas can do, and it just makes those allies even more difficult to kill. His synergy is flexible, and his kit is just universally good for team comps.

Cracked Obviously

Interview with Abram Smith. Media by Joe Smith.

Silas is a support that can be useful no matter where you are in the game. Whether you are early in the game or later, this new support excels at his job with no real negative effect. The immortality-giving-support shtick does well and will change Graveborn or even normal team comps due to how the character’s versatility. Some of the healers in the game tend to not have that amazing of a heal, but Silas is committed to healing through all but his ultimate. On top of that comes the fact that he has a ton of area of effect healing with attack buffs, which make him a more aggressive version of Nemora.


Silas is a great new addition to AFK Arena that adds another top tier character to the Graveborn faction. He contains the power of immortality and mass healing to ensure that no one is going down and that his ally keeps on fighting with an attack buff. Silas is going to be useful everywhere and can be fit into many team compositions, whether it is to climb in Campaign, King’s Tower, or even Arena. It is a support worth trying to pick up and summon. Although I am a big fan of Silas, you have to make the decision for yourself. Is he a mad scientist or a genius?


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