Why Did You Choose GUWBB?

Media by Madelyn Stephen.

The Greenville Women’s Basketball Team has a talented group of freshmen coming in to fill the roster for the Panthers, and these women are excited to get on the court and play their first collegiate basketball game. There are four freshmen, and they are Sophia Cisneros from Madrid, Spain, Mikayla Bundren from Jonesboro, Illinois, Sway Denton from Pana, Illinois, and Jenell Light from Cuba, Missouri.

Media by Sophia Cisneros.

Cisneros traveled a long way to get to where she is now at Greenville University. Cisneros never really considered being able to come to the United States to study because in Spain, it is hard to continue doing sports at a high level while studying in college. Cisneros talked about how she found Greenville and why she chose to go here. Cisneros said, “One day, a scholarship company contacted me in order to be a part of their project because they were sending people to the US on academic and athletic scholarships. They offered me quite a few universities, but the one I liked the most was Greenville. I saw that it had a great science program and an amazing basketball team. Well, I wanted to study science and play for a great program, so I knew it was a match.”

Media by Mikayla Bundren.

The two freshmen from Illinois, Bundren and Denton, fell in love with the campus as soon as they stepped foot on it. These two commented on why they chose Greenville University. Bundren said, “I chose Greenville because it’s not too far away from my hometown, so my family can easily come to watch me play. I also liked the team environment when I came to visit here.” Denton said, “When I came on a visit in February, I fell in love with the campus and how everyone seemed to care so much. It is also a small school, and that was what I was looking for. I obviously really wanted to continue playing basketball, and getting an offer made me want to sign immediately. So I did!”

Media by Sway Denton.

Lastly, Light talked about how she found Greenville University and why she chose the school. She said, “Honestly, Greenville found me, but I’m happy they did. Every was so welcoming, and the atmosphere was just so different from all my other recruit visits. The environment was just so positive. In my short time here, I bonded so quickly with all the girls on the team and instantly knew this is where I wanted to be. Now, being here, I feel our team as a whole is very close, and I can’t wait to see what this season brings with everyone on the team.”

Media by Jenell Light.

Overall, these freshmen are excited to get after it this season. It has been a goal of theirs to play college basketball since they were children, and the time has finally arrived. They have been practicing and working hard since October, and they are ready to play their first game on January 15th.

Media by Madelyn Stephen.


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