Are you hyped for the new Godzilla vs Kong? Here’s why you should be!

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The film Godzilla vs Kong is being released in March 2021, so we are only another month away from seeing this film that I cannot wait to see! Who doesn’t love a good action-packed, Sci-Fi film? Filled with action, drama, and best of all, gigantic-sized, planet-destroying monsters! I personally have always been a fan of movies like these, and I can’t wait to see what this movie has in store. If you are a fan of the previous films, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island (2017),  then you should already know what to expect from this movie. It is directed by Adam Wingard, who is mainly known for his horror films such as You’re Next (2011), The Guest (2017), and Death Note (2017), but I think Adam’s expertise could be useful in this situation. You have two of the world’s most powerful monsters battling till death for the sake of humanity. You have a combination of action, drama, love, and loyal batting with each other, and I believe this is going to make for a very exciting film.

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As we wait for the release of this film, I asked some of my closest friends what did they think of the new Godzilla vs Kong movie, and I got some mixed feelings about it. I asked one of my best friends, Aaron Washington was he excited about the new movies that are coming out this year? To which he replied, “I haven’t been really been paying attention to any movies that are coming out.” Then I realized, half of them didn’t even know that new movies were coming out! With Covid-19 disrupting everything, I figured it was possible people got a little disinterested going out to the movies like we used to before covid. It turns out that, it was just as I suspected, almost half of my friends didn’t even know that they were a new Godzilla/Kong movie coming out! This was kind of surprising to me because every Advertisement you look at now is promoting all the new movies that are going to be released these upcoming months. More than half of my friends were fans of the series, but when I asked them if they watched the first adaptation of these films, 68% of my friends said that they didn’t watch them, but they also agreed that they are still excited to see the new film. I don’t think we are understanding the evolution films have gone through over the literal decades. The very first Godzilla vs King Kong movie premiered in 1962 in Japan by a Japanese director named Ishirō Honda. This means it been almost 60 years since they created this monster mash-up, and now we can finally see these fictional characters battle for real!

Poll Questionnaire media by Justin Cross

Final Verdict: I believe you should give this film a watch; especially if you are a big Godzilla and King Kong fan! The nostalgia of this movie is going to touch the hearts of many dedicated fans and I believe we are in a generation where we can finally accurately make some of our favorite childhood characters come to life through the screen! I also think Adam Wingard is going to do a great job working with the people from Warner Bros company to have his vision come to life as well.

Excited to see the new Godzilla vs Kong yet?

You can catch it in theaters March 2021!


  1. Hi Justin, I’m leaving a comment, so hopefully you’ll get some extra points. I’ve known about this film since the first rumblings were being theorized back in 2014. The first live-action film I ever watched was the English re-cut of the original King Kong vs Godzilla on VHS & I was 3 or 4 years old. I was terrified, because at that point I thought all movies were cartoons, so I mistakenly thought the film was a documentary, & that Godzilla & Kong were out in the world causing trouble. But, I was also hooked; I’m a huge kaiju fan (especially Godzilla!), so I will try to catch this film some way or another. I have watched all 35 official Godzilla films (here’s an idea for another article: Godzilla Movies Top 10 List), & hope to catch this one in theaters, as I’m having trouble figuring out how to get free HBO Max since I already subscribe to regular HBO & just prefer the theater experience overall, but I’ll figure something out.

    Best Wishes, D


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