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Just in case nobody has noticed, there’s a new clinic on campus. Don’t worry, there are quite a few people just learning about this. However, this clinic is not as new as some would believe. In partnership with HSHS Medical Group, Greenville University opened the clinic in September of 2020. It is located on 404 Durley Street, just east of the university library, in the building that was formerly referred to as Meyers House. The clinic is currently open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Media by the International Student Office.

An appointment is not required in order to get treated; it is a walk-in clinic for acute illness or injury. Cindy Kues, who is the clinic’s nurse practitioner, is qualified to prescribe antibiotics or other needed medications. Don’t get fooled by its size; the clinic will also be providing sports physicals, immunizations, and some lab tests such as rapid strep, rapid COVID, urinalysis, influenza, and mono. With the clinic’s wide range of services, students are able to receive a lot of the medical attention they need.

While some people may be curious as to the reasoning behind opening this clinic, Greenville University brought this clinic on campus to deliver health care to all students. The clinic is open to any student of the university, including international students. It also provides service to faculty and staff of the university (and their dependents over the age of 12). Student visits are free, and there is a $20 copay for faculty.

The clinic has come in at a great time. It is hard to believe that there wasn’t a clinic before when it seems to be such a logical and helpful service. “Before this, we would get sick and didn’t know where to go. We would have to figure it out ourselves,” explains Mathew Rodriguez, an international student on campus. “Now I feel a lot better by knowing that I have a place to go when in need.” Without a doubt, this clinic will be very helpful, especially for the international students that are far away from home and don’t know where to look at when in need of assistance.

Media by The International Student Office.

While some people may assume that this clinic is only operating under the influence of the pandemic, there is only good news when it comes to the clinic’s future. “There are talks of changing the hours to 5 days a week next year,” Kues explained, confirming that the clinic will be in use even once the pandemic finally ends.

Kues, who happens to have over 20 years of experience, explained that the clinic follows the same mission as HSHS Medical Group: “to provide high quality, cost effective and compassionate health care for the students / faculty and staff of Greenville University through our Franciscan health care ministry.”

It is always delightful to notice that the faculty and staff of the university are listening to their students; the clinic is just one of various recent efforts from the administration to create a pleasant environment for everyone. So if anybody is ever in need, which The Papyrus hopes not; don’t hesitate walking into the new campus clinic, everybody will of course be treated nice, and directed in the right way.

Media by Luis Duran Gayosso.


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