GU Football: How are Coaches Preparing Players for Season

Like most teams, the Greenville Football Team is preparing for their spring season that is right around the corner and preparation is unreal. The spring season will look different this year for the football team than it has looked in the fall as they will have a season during the spring compared to the fall as they have had in the past. This season will have a total of six games and the challenge for this season is preparing for those six games in a short amount of time. This is the first year that the football team will have a short season and how will that impact the season with only six games compared to ten games. The schedule will look different this year as they will play teams twice and those teams are Westminster and Iowa Wesleyan so they have to prepare for the teams this season.

When asked about how the coaches are preparing their players for the season head coach Robbie Schomaker responds by; “saying that he has the players currently in the middle of speed training, weight training, team meetings, and position meetings so he can get them prepared for the season”. This will be very different because everything has to happen so fast because the first game is seven weeks away and Schomaker has to jam all that stuff in before the first game will be a challenge for the players and the coaches. When asking Schomaker on how the season will be like with only six games he responded by saying; “it will be fast and we play the same team twice with another team in the mix to be the sixth game he also said that it will be a mental season for the players and coaches because they are in the same boat as all the other teams because they have a short preparation to get ready for the season. Another question that Schomaker was asked was was how can the players stay healthy during the season? He told me during the interview that the players need rest, plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat enough calories, stay in shape, and take ice baths after games and practices”.

This year’s preparation will look a lot different because at this time they would be participating in spring ball instead of having a spring season. In the interview, “he said that he has players get prepared for the first game and he said practice like what plays they have on defense and they will have to watch the film on their teams and find out what they want to do against our defense and offense”. “He also said in the interview when we had the interview one of the questions was what it will be like to finally play a game after all the uncertainty”. “He said it will be exciting to finally play games and he is most excited to see how the season goes this year and he can’t wait to see how the season folds after not having a season in the fall”. The coaches are excited that there will be a season this year and they can’t wait to see how it goes with covid. The players are excited because they are pumped to have a season they been waiting for this moment ever since the fall semester started they are just ready to be on the field with their teammates ready to complete for a conference title.

Media by Nate Davidson.


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