Player Profile: Cameron Nabers

Cameron Nabers, who prefers to be called “Zach” is a member of the Greenville University Panthers Men’s Basketball team. Nabers, who is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada moved to what he calls his hometown Valdosta, Georgia when he was a year old. Sports is the cornerstone for Nabers who aspires to play sports after college at the professional level just like his older brother Gabe Nabers. Nabers is the younger brother to Gabe Nabers who is a rookie and plays fullback for the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL. “My brother is my inspiration and to see him be recognized for his talent is truly inspiring and motivates me every day,” said Nabers. Although this sounds interesting, there is a lot more to know about Nabers.

Media by Darrin Stewart.

Being at a disadvantage is very hard in life but not for Nabers, who is playing basketball with only one hand and made a college basketball team twice. Nabers is a Division 2 redshirt transfer from Valdosta State University Men’s Basketball team. Adversity is nothing new to Nabers, and he keeps breaking the barrier by scoring a three-point shot against Murray State this season. “I just want to influence and remind kids who are just like me that you can do anything you set your mind to,” said Nabers. Being overlooked is hard and makes you want to quit but if you put your mind to it then anything is possible. Nabers looks like a natural on the court and you wouldn’t even notice that he is playing with one hand because of the amount of effort he puts in every day. He transferred to Greenville University after being at a division 2 school and began playing on the Division 3 team here, credits to Dr. George Barber, who gave him a chance to play. Nabers said there is a big difference from playing down a level but understands that basketball is still played at the highest level in the SLIAC conference. Division 2 basketball players play in bigger venues and Valdosta State was more of a commercial university than Greenville. Moving to Greenville is very different and can be a culture shock for some students especially for Nabers leaving his hometown to attend GU. “Greenville is very different and I missed home a lot but the more I got acquainted with my teammates the more I started to like it out here. Also for me being able to leave home was good because it allowed me to spread my wings,” said Nabers.

Media by Darrin Stewart.

With the conference starting up Nabers expects nothing less than the team to be playing at their highest level because of the powerhouse schools they have been playing. “We played a couple of Division 1 teams and yes we lost, but this is preparing us for the conference and I am excited to see what we are going to do,” said Nabers. With the Men’s Basketball team opening up conference against defending champions Webster University on February 24th this will be a rematch that you don’t want to miss. Greenville University fell short to them last year taking second place, we are excited to see how they bounce back this year and ultimately winning the championship.

Media by Henry Johnson III.


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