Tesla vs “The Other Guys”

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What is all this Tesla hype about?

I sat down with my brother, Zach Grob, an experienced stock trader to get his take on the company. We mainly focused on things like, why is Tesla uprooting so quickly? We went on to talk about some statistics about the company. The next question asked was whether he thinks electric vehicles will ultimately help the climate? “Not one bit, the metals and other products still have to be mined,” Grob mentioned. “I prefer German technology” when asked if Grob would ever buy a Tesla. So why is Tesla absolutely dominating the vehicle market?

Statistical Numbers Compared to “The Other Guys”

A few years ago, you would drive down the street and see Ford, Chevy, GMC, etc. What I am trying to say is you saw the same old boring American made cars. Today you see, well, the same thing. The twist is you now see a few Teslas. Why? Tesla is simply… better. Yes, it is a bit more pricy but more affordable prices continue to emerge.

Tesla is also expanding more rapidly than any other company. A Gigafactory in Texas, a new factory in China, and we will soon see it emerge in India. Let’s face it, gas is of the past. It is time to switch to the more efficient, money saver. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

How much do you save on gas with a Tesla? Are Tesla Superchargers free? -  Quora
Media by Model S owner on Quora.com

Essentially what this shows is that you can save so much more money using electricity versus gas. The downside is the mile range but the good news is that new batteries are allowing for more mileage. It’s a win-win.

Still don’t believe gas is of the past? Let’s look at the market cap of the top few companies updated to January 2021. Market cap refers to the worth of a company.

  • #1 Tesla $796 billion (American)
  • #2 Toyota $208 billion (Japanese)
  • #3 Volkswagen $97 billion (German)

Musk’s Marketing Technique

Yet another reason Tesla is what it is to this day is because of one man, Elon Musk. Everyone knows who he is, and that is why he is arguably the most genius marketer. How has he gained such a name for himself?

He was truly an underdog in the beginning. Musk was not born into wealth but rather had to make money himself. His parents split at a young age and he was forced to move to Canada to avoid being drafted into the South African Military.

He is the fictional story that became nonfiction making the big dollars. With all of these other car companies, you can’t put a face to the company. With Tesla, Elon Musk is what comes to mind. He has a very odd, unique thought process. Musk thinks outside of the box, making the odd become, well, real. Other car companies do not have this single person top dog. Seeing Musk go from being bullied when he was young to now the richest man alive motivates me and all of his other followers that you can do it. Another thing different about Musk is that he is not a selfish man one bit. He wants good for the people, not just himself. What other rich people randomly offers millions of dollars to better the world? That is why many people around the world continue to support Tesla and Musk’s other companies. “Elon Musk is a marketing genius and keeps the Tesla name talked about every day on big media platforms,” Grob mentioned in the interview.

Elon Musk's NSFW Dance Moves at Chinese Tesla Factory | Futurism
Elon Musk Dancing, Media by Futurism

The Foreseeable Future

Other car companies are currently trying to catch Musk’s Tesla, but it is a struggle. Electric cars are here and the companies who have not faced that fact are ruining themselves. Not a single company right now is a threat to Tesla, so will there ever be real competition? Nio, the biggest threat based out of China, is currently the only talks of a competitor. Nio recently held an event showing off one of their new cars, but the catch is it will not be released for at least a year or two. “It will be tough for any company to be neck and neck with Tesla,” Grob said. In the meantime, enjoy saving all of that money on a Tesla in the long run.

Good news for semi companies, you have something coming for you as well. Tesla’s Semi will be hitting the road within the next few years saving you loads of money… again. Tesla is also in the works of making the Cybertruck, different models of its current vehicles, and oh not to mention they already sell money-saving solar roofs. Yes, whole roofs, not panels. Tesla along with all of Musk’s other companies are the future. Support/admire the works of Tesla, or be apart of “The Other Guys?” That’s for you to decide.

SpaceX rocket test-fired for first Starlink launch since in-flight engine  failure
SpaceX (one of Musk’s other companies) Media by Teslarati


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