WandaVision- Past, Present and Future

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Marvel’s WandaVision debuted this year in mid-January, bringing in some new characters and scenes that are certain to make you so confused. This is how they have been able to attract their viewers, by keeping the show interesting with great cliffhangers. It takes place in a small, invisible town in New Jersey. As things happen, Vision becomes more and more skeptical and begins questioning Wanda.

Vision is asking all the questions we want to know:

What is really going on, and what will happen?

Luke Hatten, a lifelong Marvel fan, summed up the episodes we’ve seen so far:

“A look into the mind of a person who’s going through the stages of grief.”

How’d We Get Here?

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WandaVision takes place right after Avenger’s Endgame. Knowing this, we can conclude that Vision is dead, as we last saw him in Avengers: Infinity War, dying when Thanos steals the mind stone.

We discover that in her grief, Wanda somehow steals Vision’s body, and resurrects him in some unknown manner. Now, he is clearly alive and in the show. Throughout the episodes, we see a glimpse of Vision dead with the infinity stone removed from his head.

Was this a flashback or will it happen again? My guess is that it will be the future, and Marvel is throwing its typical curveball.

What is Going On?

  • Episode 1– This episode is, well, boring. An average young couple moves to town, black and white old-time feel, and not much action. It opens with a mystery heart on the calendar as Wanda and Vision spend the day trying to figure out what it means. The typical 50’s misunderstanding happens, Vision is supposed to have his boss over, Mr. Hart, while Wanda thinks it is their anniversary. Wanda goes to the kitchen as they try to quickly prepare food for the special occasion. Mr. Hart begins to choke, and this is when things get awkward. Wanda and Vision awkwardly just stare at each other until finally, Vision helps him out. The Hart’s leave and the credits roll.
  • Episode 2– Episode 2 starts with a weird noise outside. It turns out it was just a branch right outside of the window. Wanda and Vision get ready for the town’s upcoming talent show. After rehearsing, the two split their ways for the day because they want to get more involved in community activities. This is when Wanda finds a colored toy helicopter stuck in a bush. Wanda then goes to her planning meeting and afterward, she hears a weird noise on the radio say “Who’s doing this to you, Wanda?”. Vision ends up chewing gum at his neighborhood watch meeting and begins to act weird at the talent show because the gum is stuck. The episode ends with a successful talent show act, and Wanda is now pregnant. The show is also now in color.
  • Episode 3– Wanda is pregnant, and she begins to feel pains which leads to a power loss throughout the town. Geraldine, Wanda’s friend from her planning meeting, helps her deliver the baby as Vision ran to get help from the doctor. It turns out that they had twins. Vision goes outside again and as this happens Geraldine mentions to Wanda about her brother and how he got killed by Ultron. Wanda uses her powers to remove Geraldine from her reality town. Wanda seems to be controlling things at this point.
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  • Episode 4– This episode opens with Monica Rambeau coming back from the blip. The blip was back from Infinity War when he snapped his fingers, making nearly half of the population disappear. The SWORD agents on the outside of Wanda’s reality begin to investigate. They send an agent into Wanda’s world but this fails as they lose connection with him. Towards the end of the episode, Wanda glances at Vision to see him dead with his infinity stone removed raising questions for us viewers.
  • Episode 5– Vision grows skeptical of Wanda and the kids age themselves up to 5 years old. Later in the episode, we see Wanda breaking into a facility stealing Vision’s corpse. The investigators find out what is going on and decide they want to send something in “The Hex” that cannot be changed through its reality. They send an email to Visions computer at work, and this is when he really realizes something is going on. The investigators then send in a drone which ultimately leads to Wanda leaving her reality and telling the investigators to leave them alone. This basically wraps up this episode, concluding with our first glance at Pietro at the end of the episode.
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  • Episode 6– Halloween! Vision goes out on his own to figure out what is really happening, and Pietro decides to take the kids trick-or-treating. Vision nearly escapes Wanda’s world until she moves it with her powers putting him back inside. We also see a glimpse of the kids having powers. The episode ends with Wanda expanding her hexagon reality and turning real objects outside to fit the scenery of her reality. “WandaVision showed us that not everyone who appears an ally, is your ally,” Hatten mentioned after watching episode 6.

Predictions/Theories for Upcoming Episodes

  1. Pietro is working for the investigators on the outside.
  2. Wanda’s reality will bring about new characters like the mutants from X-Men.
  3. WandaVision will eventually lead to Dr. Strange’s new movie.
  4. Agnes, Wanda’s friend, is actually a witch.
  5. Hatten stated his theory, “Pietro and Agnes are the bad guys.”
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