GUWS Junior Player Profiles

Class of 2022. Media By Jade Taylor.

Forward, Molly McDonnell, from Manchester, Missouri is a major in special and elementary education. Before McDonnell even began attending Greenville University, she had already established her home as a high school recruit. In an interview with McDonnell she exclaimed, “After high school, I thought soccer would be over for me. But Greenville blessed me with another opportunity to continue playing the sport I love.” Shortly after McDonnell committed, she, unfortunately, tore her ACL seven games into her freshman year season against Benedectine University. After her injury, McDonnell was able to make a quick and solid recovery which allowed her to come back an even stronger player. In McDonnell’s overall college soccer career, she has started in 25 matches, scored 13 career goals, and has scored 6 clutch game-winning goals. Since McDonnell was a freshman, she not only grew stronger in her play but within herself. “I feel like I have become more of my own person and I have learned to have a more forgiving heart and positive attitude”, McDonnell communicated. She expressed that she enjoys hanging out with her teammates and is ready to win a championship title this 2021 soccer season. 

Junior Forward, Molly McDonnell. Media By Reaghan Lesh.

Goalkeeper, Reaghan Lesh, from Bolivar, Missouri is a major in digital media and art. She has held the position of the Vice President of Media for GSGA since her sophomore year. In this position, Lesh takes pictures and videos of events, creates graphics, and advertises on social media for the school. She has also worked for our dear Papyrus and is a tutor in Digital Media. Lesh has one of the busiest schedules on the Greenville women’s soccer team, however, she still manages to show up for her teammates when they need her. Lesh voiced in an interview, “A personal challenge that I have had to overcome this season has been time management, being able to balance other priorities with soccer. And also being able to keep a positive mindset and find the motivation in this unusual season with COVID-19.” With this being said, Lesh expressed, “Enjoy the time you have with your teammates because it flies by. But also branch out, get involved on campus, make new friends, and seize the opportunities that are given to you.”

Junior Goalkeeper, Reaghan Lesh. Media By Reaghan Lesh.

Team Manager, Kat Stroot, from Maryland Heights, Missouri is a major in psychology and currently helping the Greenville women’s soccer team progress in a different way this season. Stroot came into her freshman year starting as an offensive player and ended her year defensively. In her 2018-2019 season, Stroot started as a defensive wingback in an overtime championship match against Webster University. With her phenomenal drive and tough mentality, she proved to her teammates quickly that she had what it took to shut down the best player in the conference. Overall, Stroot has started in 23 matches, has scored 6 goals, and has assisted her teammates 5 times. During Stroots sophomore soccer season, she made second-team all-conference and had recently been recognized to be on SLIAC’s 2021 preseason player watch list. However, as I said before, Stroot chose to take a different approach this season and to do what’s best for herself. As she is still a part of the Greenville women’s soccer family, she indicated in an interview that there is a little competitive fire left in her to be driven enough to come back next year and compete in her final season. She explained, “Even though I am not technically playing, I still enjoy cheering on my teammates and being their best hype man.”

Junior Defender, Kat Stroot. Media By Reaghan Lesh.

Defender, Meggie Pallme, from Imperial, Missouri is a major in business management and marketing. In Pallme’s 2018-2019, she excelled on the field as a defensive wingback. She started in 12 matches and has competed in an overall of 39 matches throughout her career. However, this 2021 season Pallme was set back due to a broken elbow. She elaborated in an interview, “One personal challenge that I would like to overcome this year would be to fully recover from my injury and gain back my aggressiveness. Since I broke my elbow, it’s been a challenge to get back to playing at my full potential.” As a junior, Pallme has come to realize that the need for team leadership is essential this year and in the next upcoming year. “I will prepare myself for any upcoming game or season by putting in the extra work outside of practice by going to the gym and eating healthy consistently,” explained Pallme. She is determined to get back out on the field and work hard to win a championship title. Pallme revealed, “My mindset has shaped a lot since my freshman year because of my teammates. I never really knew my role on the team because I wasn’t as close to some of the girls, but the second semester allowed me to find my friends for life and discover a new role for myself.” Overall, Pallme is excited to see where this year takes her after having to deal with covid and other obstacles to overcome.

Junior Defender, Meggie Pallme. Media By Reaghan Lesh.

Media by Jade Taylor.


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