Player Profile: Emily Buratovich

Media by Isiah Dortch.
Media by Greenville University. .

Emily Buratovich is a sophomore at Greenville University. She was born and raised in Spring Arbor, Michigan. Buratovich went to Western High School, and she was a two-sports star. At her high school, she played tennis and ran cross country. Buratovich received many accolades while playing high school sports. She earned academic all-conference honors for four years in tennis and received all-conference honors her senior year. With her excellent performance on the court, she led her team to place tenth in the state, which led to multiple emails, letters, and phone calls from colleges that were interested in her. Buratovich decided that she wanted to play tennis in college, so she began to contact coaches and look for a program to call her new home.

Media by Greenville University.

She knew she could play at the collegiate level, but she was very indecisive on where she wanted to go. She wanted to ensure she was making the right decision. While searching for schools to attend, Buratovich stumbled across Greenville University, so she went on an official college visit and fell in love with the school. Buratovich said, “A big part in choosing Greenville was Coach Brett Brannon and some of the players that I met that were on the tennis team already.” Buratovich loved the atmosphere around campus and said it felt just like home. She said, “I prayed about it, and it felt like God was calling me here.”

When she chose to attend Greenville, the Panthers gained an outstanding player on the court. Buratovich’s strength and footwork make it hard for opponents to win against her, and it also makes her teammates better. She is an outstanding player for the women’s tennis team with passion for the game. This season, Buratovich is looking forward to a few things, such as getting to know her teammates better and improving her tennis skills with some college experience since they did not have a season last year due to the COVID-19. She hopes that she and her teammates can stay healthy so that they can keep playing matches. She hopes they can come together to win the conference championship at the end of the season. Buratovich said, “We are always supportive and encouraging at practice and at matches. The positive atmosphere is one of the things I love about my team. I know that whenever I mess up, they help me keep a good attitude instead of getting down on myself.”

As for her academic experience at Greenville, Buratovich is majoring in chemistry, mathematics, and Spanish. As for why she chose these three majors, she said, “I chose math and chemistry because I think they are both interesting. I chose Spanish because I love the language, and it would be nice to become fluent.” She has proven herself to be a dedicated student athlete with a 3.8 GPA. This summer, Buratovich has a research internship at the University of Missouri in the field of chemical and biomedical engineering.

Media by Isiah Dortch.


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