Aikman Wildlife and Adventure and The Prehistoric Museum: “Don’t Settle for Bones Behind Barriers”

Media by Frances Trujillo.
James Akiman, President/ Founder of Akiman Wildlife and Adventure with his wife Kelsey Aikman and five children.
Media by Frances Trujillo.

Whoa! Did you know that the prehistoric skill of art is influential to bringing places like The Museum of Prehistoric Life at Aikman Wildlife and Adventure in Arcola, Illinois, to life? Did you know that art and dinosaurs can spark creativity and imagination in young children?

Well, Bella York, a thirteen-year-old from Schererville, Indiana, set out on an adventure to ask James Akiman, the founder of the Museum of Prehistoric Life, how art, graphic design, and 3-D elements influenced him and his team to connect the modern world with prehistoric life.

Media by Frances Trujillo.

The Prehistoric Museum at the Aikman Wildlife and Adventure is definitely a place everyone must visit. So, get in those cars and take a journey with your families, friends, and children to Arcola, Illinois, 6 miles west from Interstate 57 at exit 203, and enjoy the adventure.

Thank you to James Aikman for his humble heart and the opportunity to explore such a great place.

Media by Frances Trujillo.


  1. The animal park is a must see ! we really enjoyed ourselves when we went, You’re up close and personal with a lot of Awesome animals. James and his family and employees are amazing people.

    Great job little Bella And Frances , Another great article well done.


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