Coach Profile: Jacolby Maxwell

Media By Nate Davidson
Media By Nate Davidson

Jacolby Maxwell is a member of the coaching staff at Greenville University. Before coming to Greenville to be an assistant coach, he spent his summer working with his former high school, Aurora Christian. Maxwell graduated from Monmouth College in 2019 where he played wide receiver for three seasons while earning his bachelor’s degree in exercise science. While playing, Maxwell was in the top five in career receiving yards, receptions, and touchdowns at Monmouth College. After he graduated from Monmouth College, he continued taking some graduate courses at Aurora University, and he went on to play for their team. While going to Aurora University, he held the single-season record in receptions, reception yards, and career touchdowns. He still holds the records for receptions, reception yards and career touchdowns, and it does not seem like anyone will break his records anytime soon.

While he learned a lot about how to play his position, he has also learned a lot about how to be a coach in the college level from other coaches that he played with or worked with in college or his former high school where he helped be a coach there before Greenville. Maxwell just graduated back in 2019, and he got hired this past semester as the wide receiver coach, which is the position that he played when he attended college.

Media By Aurora College

Coach Maxwell is entering his first year has the wide receiver coach at Greenville. He is liking it so far and hopes to continue being the wide receiver coach at Greenville football for a long time. Maxwell loves Greenville because he has made a special bond with the coaches and players. His favorite memory at Greenville is the skits the players did last semester. Maxwell is entering his first full season has the wide receiver coach, and there are some things Maxwell needs to work on for next season so that he can become a better coach in his second year than he has been in his first.

Media by Monmouth College

Maxwell was excited when he was told about an opening position to be the wide receiver coach here at Greenville. Even though he had no connections prior to the job here, it was super impactful to hear about the job when Coach Bell called him. With Maxwell entering his first year as a wide receiver coach, there are some things that he can fix, and he said increasing the knowledge of the game, getting better at time management, and learning how to love his guys are what he needs to work on the most. He is also trying to improve his ability to hold his players accountable for the hard things. Maxwell explained, “I am grateful to have the opportunity to coach at the college level.” He continued, “I hope to be the wide receiver coach at GU for a long time with the hope that nothing bad happens. I really love the college and the coaching staff. I hope to be on the coaching staff for years to come.”

Media By Nate Davidson. 


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