Heart of The Team: Dalton Bloemer

The heart of the team is a person who helps the team with the little things, they show leadership, show selflessness and always puts the team first. Dalton Bloemer is the heart of the team for the Greenville University Men’s Basketball team and loves his job. Bloemer is originally from a small town Dietrich, Illinois and has always had a passion for sports. He’s participated in sports since he was a kid. His first love in sports was baseball, but he eventually transitioned into playing basketball. He kept playing sports all the way to high school where he played varsity in both baseball and basketball at Dietrich High School. “Sports is the greatest thing ever. I love playing baseball and basketball because whenever I play, I just feel free and myself and it’s the best feeling ever,” said Bloemer. Playing sports is the greatest thing ever and even when you go to college you can still be a part of the team in many ways.

Media by Justin Cross

Bloemer has been the team manager for Greenville University men’s basketball for three years now and he is a proud member of the team. He even embraces the nickname the team has given him, “D-BO”, to basically appreciate him and make sure he feels a part of the team. Isaiah Dortch said, “D-BO is the man he helps the team in so many ways, my favorite is when he volunteers and becomes a practice player with us”. Bloemer said, “I love it when I participate with the team in practice because it feels good being on the court and having fun doing something I love”. Bloemer helps the team with their gear and runs the scoreboard for the team during practice. Running a college team is very complex and a team manager who excels at their job is very vital and Bloemer exhibits this effortlessly. Bloemer said his favorite memory here on the basketball team was when the team traveled to Canada before the season to play exhibition games last year as well as the men’s basketball team scoring 200 points. “Being a part of history and a record that may never be broken is amazing and something I will never forget” said Bloemer.

Media by Justin Cross.

Greenville University is a beautiful college and for some, it’s close to home and can make going to college even better. Bloemer said “I chose Greenville University because I wanted to go to a school that was close to home. When I came to visit I fell in love with the campus and meeting people on campus was very nice and that helped me confirm my commitment to attending GU”. Bloemer is now a junior here at Greenville University and is pursuing a degree in sports management and a minor in business management next year. “I chose sports management as my degree because I love sports and want to have a career in something I love doing,” said Bloemer. Sports can be a cornerstone for a lot of people and whatever field Bloemer is going to pursue after college he will excel in. Bloemer is an excellent team manager and it will all pay off, he has one more year with the team and is expecting to make it a good one.

Media by Justin Cross.


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