One on One with Kameron Vinsel

Kameron Vinsel is a member of the Greenville University Panthers Men’s Basketball Team. Vinsel is originally from Bridgeport, Illinois, and he fell in love with the game of basketball when he was 5 years old. Vinsel said, “I first started playing basketball when I was in kindergarten when I was 5 years old. I remember shooting baskets on the outside goal every day at recess. I loved it from the start.” After elementary school, Vinsel continued playing basketball, and in high school, he started to open his wings. He went to Red Hill High School, home of the Salukis, and the most impressive accolade he achieved was being a part of the 1,000-point scoring club in basketball. This is not an easy accolade to accomplish, and only a selected few reach this goal, but Vinsel hit this milestone during his junior year of high school. Vinsel said, “I finished my high school career with 1,6687 points at Red Hill High School, and I still hold the record with most points in a game with 47 points.” Scoring is second nature to Vinsel, and he gives credit to 2-time NBA Champion Klay Thompson, who is known as one of the best shooters ever. Thompson is Vinsel’s favorite shooter in the NBA, and when watching Vinsel play, spectators can see the similarity. “Klay Thompson is absolutely my favorite shooter of all time; he has the most textbook jump shot in the whole NBA. It’s amazing that he shoots it the same every time.”

Media by Darrin Stewart.

It is evident that Vinsel has been playing basketball all his life because whenever the men’s basketball team plays, he leaves it all on the floor. He is also definitely one of the conference’s best shooters by far. The men’s basketball team played Division 1 powerhouse Murray State and made 4 three-pointers, which was very impressive against a team that made it to the March Madness tournament a couple of years ago. Basketball is a team sport, but ultimately, the goal to win the game is putting the ball in the rim, and Vinsel excels at that.

The Greenville Men’s Basketball Team has a different style of play, which compliments Vinsel’s style, and the team’s main point of emphasis is to get 50 three-pointers a game. This is something that is unheard of, but for Vinsel, it is more than attainable. He hit a season high of 7 made three-pointers in two games, and he shot the ball 44% from the three and 100% from the free-throw line. Vinsel said, “I decided on Greenville for the style of play and for the experience off the court. The system was very appealing to me, and Dr. George Barber did an excellent job explaining the system to me.” Vinsel has excelled here as a four-year player and a two-year captain of the men’s basketball team. When looking for a man who displays character, gratitude, and trust, Vinsel is the guy because he is the perfect role model for what to look for in a man. He always comes first in all the drills and leads by example; Vinsel is a tone-setter that every program needs.

Media by Darrin Stewart.

Media by Henry Johnson III.


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