Player Profile: Lucas Motsinger

Media by Isiah Dortch.
Media by Greenville University.

Lucas Motsinger is a Freshman here on his tennis team at Greenville University. Motsinger was born and raised in Troy, Illinois. Motsinger went to Marion High School where he was a two-sport all-star. Motsinger played both tennis and soccer for his high school, where he won many accolades. In his four years of playing sports at Marion high school, he received the most improved player award as a freshman and also the MVP award as a junior. His outstanding skills on the field and the court opened up many doors for him to play at the collegiate level. Motsinger knew he was better in tennis than soccer, so he stuck with tennis. During his senior year in high school, Motsinger started to receive emails and phone calls from several colleges that were interested in his talent. Motsinger was unsure where to go. While he was searching for a school to attend, he came across Greenville University which isn’t far from his hometown. Motsinger went on an official college visit and knew this was the right place for him. Motsinger said, “I wanted to keep playing tennis competitively and push myself to be the best player I can be, and I thought Greenville University would be the place for me.” Motsinger said, “a big part of why I chose Greenville University was the atmosphere and the people I met while on my visit. Everyone was nice and the players that were already on the tennis team welcomed and played around with me like I’ve known them for years.” Motsinger knew that this university was very family-oriented, and it felt like home for him.

Media by Greenville.

When Motsinger chose to attend Greenville, The Greenville Panthers Men’s Tennis Team gained an outstanding player with a high IQ for the game. Motsinger’s quickness and his precise hits can make the ball go anywhere he wants on the court. Motsinger makes it really hard for his teammates and opponents to win against him. Motsinger is the type of player that can make something out of nothing. Even when his team thinks they’re beaten, he makes a comeback out of nowhere. Motsinger is one of the top players on the Greenville University Panthers Men’s Tennis Team as a freshman. This season, Motsinger said, “I’m looking forward to working hard and bettering myself, while also growing together as a team and working hard to win the conference.” Motsinger said, “hopefully we can have a conference championship this year because we didn’t have one last year due to the covid-19 outbreak. I feel like this is our year to bring the trophy home” Motsinger said, “we have to keep our heads up when we’re down and continue to learn from one another and our coaches.”  Motsinger hopes his team can stay out of covid’s way so they can continue to play matches. As for his academic experience at Greenville, Motsinger said, “I declared to be a physical education major because it interests me.” After school, Motsinger’s ultimate goal is to become a college tennis coach, but first, he wants to start out as an education teacher. 

Media by Isiah Dortch.


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