Scoring Goals to Making Field Goals: Lucas Hermo

Media by Paul Garrett.

Coming to Greenville University, Lucas Hermo didn’t know he was going to end up being the kicker for the Panthers. When he left Spain to play soccer at GU, he was excited for this tremendous opportunity to meet new people and play college soccer in a whole different country. While playing soccer, he had the chance to try out for the football team to be the kicker approximately 3 days before the Greenville University Football Team’s first game against DePauw in Indiana. When trying out, the coaches were super impressed with how strong of a leg Hermo had, and they gave him a chance to kick for them that following weekend. Before trying out, Hermo had never kicked a field goal before in his life. When traveling to the season opener, butterflies filled his stomach because it was his first time being in an actual football game. In the 35-7 loss to the DePauw, Hermo had the chance to kick one extra point in the final seconds of the first half as the Panthers scored a touchdown that was thrown by Chase Butterfield to Delrey Crowder. Luckily, Hermo took this opportunity in stride, and he scored his first extra point.

Media by B.J. Schneck.
Media by Dana Fitch.

Hermo was so excited and very determined to make the kick. He explains his feeling right after the kick, saying, “It was honestly amazing. Everybody kept asking me if I was nervous, but I wasn’t. I was really excited, and I knew I was going to do good.” As the season has progressed, Hermo has made 4 field goals, and he is 4/4, which makes him 100%. A year ago, he had been thinking that he would like to try and play football, but the only position that he thought he could be good at was the kicker. So when the opportunity came and he saw that the football team needed a kicker, he didn’t think twice. He wanted to at least try it. When making the transition from football to soccer, Hermo realized, “It’s not too hard; kicking is kicking. I would say it is more about learning the technique with the football, especially for field goals as you have to be quick and kick the ball as soon as it is placed.” 

As he still switches roles of playing soccer and kicking for the football team, Hermo tries his best to be there for both teams whenever they need him. Most of the time, his soccer games are on the weekdays while his football games are on Saturday afternoons. Hermo loves his teammates so much, and they always encourage him. Knowing that his teammates support him, he has all of the confidence in the world that he can compete to the highest level possible. Originally, Greenville University’s next scheduled football game was against Westminster on April 24 in Greenville, Illinois. However, due to COVID-19 concerns, the season has been forced to an abrupt end. However, Hermo plans to make more field goals next season.

Media by Paul Garrett.


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