The Heat Keeps Rising for the Phoenix Suns

The NBA’s Phoenix Suns are on a hot streak that seems to not be running out anytime soon. The Suns are 1.5 games back of holding the rights of the best record in the National Basketball Association. As of now, they’re 42 and 17 with a win percentage of 0.712%. The last ten games are an impressive 9-1, within those 10 games they took a statement overtime win against the Utah Jazz which holds that number one position in the NBA. With the season rapidly coming to an end, the valley boys only have 12 regular-season games left. This team is ran by the remarkable head coach Monty Williams, who was respectfully awarded the Western Conference Coach of the Month for the Month of March in 2021. The winning culture has been bred into the valley and the organization hasn’t looked back since.

The roster has been perfectly crafted by the front office and the combination of the energy in the young core accompanied by the veterans can guide the team through adversity. This team is led by All-Star Devin Booker, veteran true point guard Chris Paul, and up-and-coming big man Deandre Ayton. The massive supporting cast will consist of Mikial Bridges, Jae Crowder, Dario Saric, Cameron Johnson, and Torrey Craig. This blend of young studs and trained vets have proven their that team comradery is at an all-time high. Success is a new road the organization is learning to travel down. The Phoenix Suns organization claimed the title of the worst record in the NBA through the 2015-2019 seasons. Suns General Manager, James Jones, recently stated in an interview, “There is no secret sauce.” when explaining the way the organization is structured piece by piece. Love and toughness are shown on the court every single time the valley boys step onto the court. If everything goes as planned for the rest of the season, the Phoenix Suns will break their ten-year playoff drought. Booker explained in countless interviews “It’s a new chapter here”. The energy in the arena is nothing like ever before, all the way from the fans and employees to the players and the front office. A good friend of mine and former Phoenix Suns ball boy explained “Even with the limited attendance in the arena, the atmosphere is electric. You can feel the passion and energy in the air”. In a couple of months, the decade-long playoff drought will be snapped and the city of Phoenix will be able to celebrate. However, the journey doesn’t end there, the fans and organization believe they have what it takes to compete for an NBA championship. Another accomplishment that they’re aiming to achieve, would be the Phoenix Suns finally winning a championship since haven’t been to the finals since the goat Michael Jordan defeated the suns in the 1993 finals.

This tremendous journey has been exciting to watch and be a part of. The loyal fans of Arizona sports deserve a successful organization. The Phoenix Suns have stepped up and proved they are a true force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Stay tuned as the season comes to a close and the Phoenix Suns keep bringing the heat!

Media by Tyler Jelks.


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