GUWS: That’s A Wrap

Unfortunately, the 2020-2021 Greenville University Women’s Soccer season has officially come to an end. 

Throughout the season, the Lady Panthers saw a great deal of success on and off the field. At Greenville University, the women’s soccer program provides a strong set of core values, which gives the ladies an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and to develop into the women they are called to be. Despite the fact that the they had a relative novice roster, the team progressively worked through their differences. With COVID-19 being a factor this year, some players suffered and made incredible strides to reach full health once again. Some players found it more difficult than others to stay focused during these uncertain times. However, this did not slow down Greenville’s incentive to compete.

Junior, Meggie Pallme. Media By Henry Johnson.

“To keep myself motivated during the fall season was challenging at times. When we got to come back in the fall, I was super excited just to be out on the field playing again. It was challenging to keep practicing and maintain a level of consistent motivation because we still had such a long time until we could actually play a regular-season game. Once we got back in the springtime, our team knew that it was going to be so much easier to stay motivated because we had games to look forward to,” soon-to-be-senior Meggie Pallme voiced.

Sophomore, Jen De Leon De Leon. Media By Henry Johnson.

The Greenville Women’sSoccer Team finished this season with an overall record of 7-5. In the SLIAC conference, the Panthers were seeded 5th with an overall record of 4-4. Greenville may not have shown their consistency through given stats, but the Panthers should not be underestimated. Sophomore Jen De Leon De Leon led the team with 7 goals, which placed her fourth in most goals scored within the SLIAC. Another huge asset that the Lady Panthers picked up this season was freshman Emma Cadwell. Cadwell’s extraordinary sight on the field allowed her to clinch 10 assists, which placed her second in the conference on the SLIAC offensive leaderboard. Lastly, junior goalkeeper Grace Gehner played an immense role on and off the field. Obviously, without defense, there is no competition. Therefore, Gehner brought the intensity coming from McKendree University. She has attained a save percentage of .768, which placed her fourth in the conference for the highest save percentages. 

Through all the tough hardships and amazing accomplishments, the Lady Panthers are already looking ahead to next year. A few players have expressed their motivation to come back next season and run the SLIAC. Pallme expressed, “Honestly, I am most excited to play Westminster next season. I am super pumped to play them because now they have won two conference titles within my three years of being here. With that being said, I am also looking forward to playing Fontbonne because they are the new big dogs in our conference since they have gone undefeated this season and have always been our rival.” 

Junior, Grace Gehner protecting the goal. Media By Henry Johnson.

Another soon-to-be senior, Gehner, communicated, “I’m looking forward to playing everyone again. We have a lot of revenge to deal out next year, but my top three teams to beat will have to be Fontbonne, Westminster, and Spalding.” 

Overall, the Greenville University Women’s Soccer Team is clearly ready to get back to work next season. The Lady Panthers are excited to be back on a normal fall season schedule and to welcome the newest additions to the program. The SLIAC will be hosting a round-robin tournament to decide the overall champion. Greenville will be taking on Washington University in their first match of next season. Wish them luck and stay tuned for the Lady Panthers’ 2021-2022 soccer season as they take care of unfinished business.

Media by Jade Taylor.


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