Preview of Next season for Greenville Football

Image featuring the football field. Media by Wyatt Moser.
Image featuring the football field. Media by Wyatt Moser.

After a new and unexpectedly short season, the Greenville Football team will go back to having a normal season in the fall of 2021. This includes having a normal ten game schedule unlike this previous season, where they were scheduled to play seven but unfortunately only had the opportunity to compete in four games before having the season cut short due to COVID. The players and coaches are looking forward to returning to a regular season and being able to compete in ten games compared to seven. The football team will play seven conference games as well as three three non-conference games to start the 2021 fall season. Some of the opponents for the Greenville Panthers in the fall include; Millikin, Rockford, Adrian, Trinity International, Martin Luther, Northwestern-St Paul, Westminster, Crown, Finlandia, and Minnesota Morris.

Image taken during the National Anthem against Westminster. Media by Dana Fitch.

The players and coaches were excited to hear that they will be returning to a regular season schedule in the fall. When asking coach Maxwell in an interview what he and the coaches are looking forward to next season he responded; “I just see us having a full season and seeing the work we’ve put in this past year come to fruition”. When asked how he, as well as the other coaches, felt about returning to a regular season in the fall he explained that; “we are super excited, it’ll be weird, and we’ll have to maybe adjust from coming from a spring season and having a quick turnaround, but excited nonetheless”. Some of the key takeaways coach Maxwell mentioned he was looking forward to included; “that we are back to normal, we’ve got to take care of our bodies and it was good for some of our younger guys to get this spring, now they’ll get to really get after it in the fall”. 

Image taken during the coin toss against Westminster. Media by Dana Fitch.

The players and coaches also discovered that there would be a new team joining their conference this upcoming fall. With this comes new excitement at the opportunity to play a team they have never faced. Coach Maxwell mentioned in his interview that he and the coaches are excited about this new team, because it’s a new opponent to play as well as a new place to travel to and it should be a lot of fun to play Finlandia. When asked about how the transition from a spring season back to a fall season will affect the players and coaches, coach Maxwell said; “that it will hopefully go well and be a quick turnaround. But the guys have to hit it hard over the summer or they’ll see the consequences once they get back”. He also said that as a coach himself it will be interesting with recruiting because there isn’t as much break as they would normally have”. When asked how players can be ready for the season after having a short preparation to be ready for the fall season coach Maxwell said, “by making sure they are working out and running at home while also getting sufficient rest and recovering well”.    


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