UFC Gains Respect in the Sports World

Media by Tyler Jelks

The UFC is bigger than ever. Everyone is always wanting to watch the big fights with all of their friends on a Saturday night. There is so much that can be involved with the UFC from kicks, punches, knees, elbows, and grappling. Fighters are making billions of dollars fighting in a steel cage in front of thousands of fans. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC took it very seriously and very carefully. UFC has its own island in Abu Dhabi, which is named “Fight Island”. They brought back one of their biggest fighters to ever step into the ring, and that was no one other than Connor McGregor. Not only did this bring in millions of dollars to McGregor, this also brought in tons of more fans to the UFC. This was such an amazing turn of events for the UFC. Nobody would’ve thought of them buying their own island just for fighting. The fans really needed this turn of events as well as the UFC. This setting might have made one of the biggest sports purchases in years of all of the industries combined. They really changed the perspective of how people now view the UFC. There are numbers higher than ever before, and those numbers keep on growing with new fans coming into the game every day.

The UFC came about in the 1990s at a very young age, trying to add mixed martial arts to their game. MMA is still the name for the sport itself, but the UFC has the leading fight league all across the world. With no crowds in the stands right now, the fights have been so surreal and much rawer than ever before. The UFC did hold back in 2020, but they came back much stronger with a bigger and better fan base and fighting experience for all current and future fighters. They like to call this a “lifestyle sport,” and fighters can really make a difference for themselves and the UFC community in just over a night. Dana White, the owner & founder of the UFC, was never going to back down from the global pandemic. He found allies around the world to work with him to bring the sport back and better than ever. White refused to back down, and he wanted to bring back fighters who may have retired before the pandemic hit. Bringing back Anderson Silva really helped the numbers get back up to where they were left off. White is a hero to everyone in the UFC community. He brought back smiles to fans’ faces and also brought back careers to the fighters who have been training for this big moment for their entire lives.

The UFC has come together and grown during this pandemic better than ever. White is a hero to everyone and fans. A future UFC contender with a black belt in JIU-JITSU, Turner Hodge, explains, “The way Dana White has fought for future UFC competitors is truly impressive.” The hard work has been seen by all competitors linked to the UFC. The UFC and fighting mixed martial arts are only going to keep on growing and proving why they are a real sport.

Media by Tyler Jelks


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