Will fans be united through Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

Ghostbusters has been a legendary long-running series ever since it first came out in 1984 . The series has raked in millions of dollars while also spawning countless amounts of merchandise, toys, and video games. As well as multiple sequels taking place after the first movies original release date. Naturally, this movie series has solidified itself as a legendary series, and there is an attempt to revitalize the work of Ivan Reitman for the modern era. However, the most recent attempt, Ghostbusters 2016, was a movie filled with controversy. Some fans enjoyed it, while others considered it to be a stain on the once legendary name and legacy that the series has left. Most fans thought that the series was finished, but to the surprise of many, a trailer for a new Ghostbusters adventure was released in December of 2019. The trailer showed the hype, action, and the new films ability to live up to what the original series has to offer. The only question on everyone’s mind now is whether it will be able to unite the fanbase once again.

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The most recent Ghostbusters movie was a controversial entry in the series, and many fans showed their disdain for the movie. However, the main problem revolves around the impact of rebooting a popularized series. Due to this, the new one will always be compared to the old one, and it will most likely have harsh critics. Some fans enjoyed the movie, while others refused to accept it as the next generation for Ghostbusters. Even on the Rotten Tomatoes website, it is easy to see how divisive the movie truly was. One group wants the old movies and its universe, while the other wants the new movie to be the new generation as the official restart button to the entire series.

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To everyone’s surprise, the trailer recently released, was a sequel to the original series meaning that the Ghostbusters universe may possibly expanding in the near future. Of course, some fans of the 2016 version were disappointed at the announcement of the new movie, but surprisingly, some fans were excited and are curious to see what would the next generation of Ghostbuster would be like. With a brand new generation and many callbacks to the original, this entry in the series is filled to the brim with possibilities for both newcomers and long-time fans alike.

Recently, a second trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife was released went well with both new and old fans. With the famous marshmallow man making a comeback as a tiny version of himself, this shows how savagely sweet this character can be!

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Joe Smith, a movie enthusiast, said: “I think it’s gonna be a lot of better than the 2016 reboot, but it also seems it is inspired by the Stephen King horror movie IT. I feel like it can reunite the fanbase and create a new fanbase thanks to the updated style.”

It is hard to say whether the old fans will accept the new movies or not, or if the fans of the new movies would be able to see eye to eye with the older fans. Only time will tell if the movie will be able to reunite the fandom with the love of the series once again.

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