“Beastie Boys, Hip Hops Pioneers.”

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The “Beastie Boys” is a musical group created in New York back in 1981, when Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz, and Adam Yauch got together to start playing some hardcore punk. The “Beastie Boys” are known because of their particular type of music, they have always been a music group that wants to create new stuff for the audience and that is why they have played so many styles, like funk, jazz, rock, or punk. 

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In this article, we are going to talk about a specific song “Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys. This is song is something that changed completely the story of the music. Rap back in the time was not what rap is now, it was something completely new at that moment and when Beastie Boys released “Brass Monkey” it was something completely different for society. Rap started being a thing at that moment but Beastie Boys were one of the first ones that did something with this kind of music. 

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Media by Lynn Goldsmith edited
by Ruben Martinez.

In 1986 Beastie Boys released “Brass Monkey” and started a new era in music. They created a rap for the audience and it was not something normal at the time. Brass Monkey is a rap that talks about a drink. The song just talks about the kind of combinations that the drink could have. In my opinion is another song in the media, because it has no meaning besides that they talk about a drink and how delicious the drink is. For me, this song goes deeper than just the lyrics because it was a revolutionary song back in the time because of the type of song it was. If you tell-transport to that moment rap was not the thing that is now, at all. Rap was just giving some baby steps. The meaning of this song for me is about the change of style and to play something completely different.

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This song means three crazy friends that were trying new and crazy stuff, without knowing if people would like it or not. That is the important part of this particular song, the meaning in the era that they released it. It influenced music today because it was a generational change of music, people wanted something different and they started giving people something different. In human nature is something that will never stop, humans want something different every time and back in the day, Beastie Boys gave that option to the people. 

Beastie Boys keep giving concerts to the audience and have over 50 years of careers as a group. Also, they just launched a documentary of their career and it is available on Apple+. Michael and Adam are still together running the show for the Bestie Boys. Sadly, Yauch passed away at the age of 47 with cancer.

Beastie Boys are an iconic group that has had a huge impact on music.


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