Is Papyrus Dead?

Media edited by Frances Trujillo.

The Greenville University Papyrus is not dead! We are very much alive and ready to rock and roll. Papyrus has long attracted a large audience, and it is still the goal of the team to continue communicating and collaborating with its supporters, readers, audience, community, and world.

Media edited by Frances Trujillo.
Photo: Morgan Gilmore, Digital Media Instructor

Although we miss the past team, we look forward to good days ahead with GU’s new Digital Media Instructor, Morgan Gilmore. Her spunky determination to find leaders that are creators of creators was important. Gilmore hand-picked team Caeden Barron Cheif Creative Officer, Frances Trujillo Creative Director & Publisher, Isaiah Atkins Squad Manager, Fernando Romero Losana Project Manager, Shubin Ma Project Manager, are ready to bring a new face to Papyrus. Especially one peer imparticular, Creative Director & Publisher, Frances Trujillo. Trujillo brings an innovative, creative eye with a unique perspective and new ideas. She is determined to equip, motivate, and empower Papyrus students to tap into their creative passions by setting clear goals so that students make meaningful progress on their creative projects.

The most significant change this year is how students work. In the past, students had to complete ten articles independently. However, this year students are put into teams called Squads. Squads are given projects every week as a team. This approach exercises the students’ ability to collaborate, communicate work as a team creatively. Each Squad has a Squad Manager, Project Manager, and Chief Creative Officer. Some of the new changes came as a shock for students. Still, this new structure allows students to express their opinions freely, brainstorm ideas, learn from one another’s strengths, allowing each person the privilege to utilize all other gifts and talents. It fully reflects the student’s subjectivity and cultivates the student’s ability to explore actively. Forming such good individual and group cooperative learning habits is conducive to growing student’s cooperation and communication skills. The mutual understanding between the students and leadership allows both sides to gain wisdom and perspectives allowing growth, not just during leadership changes but built on this basis, will be something to follow up on and hopefully be a change in the school’s digital media overall.

Creativity Communication has always been at the heart of the Papyrus and one of the main eliminates that’s kept us alive. We will continue fostering and operating in an environment where students can express themselves innovatively through digital media, art, photography, writing, design, visual arts, news, world news, social media, entertainment, faith, sports, community, music, and opinion.


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