Calling All Cheese Lovers!

Media by Shaling Reynolds.

Ever wondered what the new Smart Center has to offer now? Well, let us introduce you to the latest restaurant in town, Toastiez! It is located on the main floor in the SMART Center. This intriguing restaurant is leaving the best impressions among GU students and grilled cheese lovers. It possesses a wonderful location, delicious local products, beautiful presentation, wide venue list, and fantastic staff are only the beginning of what they have to offer. 

Media by Shaling Reynolds.

It’s the go-to spot to hang out with your friends and go on dates, especially when they are playing a movie or sporting an event on the big (enormous) screen. The service we received was so exceptional, and we will be coming back again. They made us feel welcome and gave us a fantastic experience that we will never forget. 

The atmosphere is chill and relaxed, but the staff is also really friendly and kind. They are the best at making delicious gourmet grilled cheese, and you can tell making the customer happy is their main priority. Their food is spectacular, and for their prices, it is 100% worth it. As college students, we are all looking for attractive places to eat, so if you are craving a blissful burger, scrumptious sandwich, or terrific poutine and do not want to break your bank account, look no more, they are perfect for you.  

Of course, the Papyrus could not leave the restaurant without meeting some of the staff faculty at Toastiez. One of the employees, Gianpiero Tristano, was more than welcome to sit with the team to chat and answer some questions about what he recommends, the history of the place and all about him working there. 

What’s something in the menu that you would for sure recommend?” –  You should try the grilled steak or the kickin’ chicken bacon hatch. 

“How was Toastiez started?” – It opened last May as a change of ownership from former Rocket Bowls. Accordingly, as Toastiez is fairly new in town, they have been trying to improve their marketing strategy around Greenville, specifically, GU students. 

“How did you find yourself working at Toastiez?” – I knew about a friend who was working here and encouraged me to apply. I wanted to try new things, and the owner welcomed me with open arms.

“What’s your favorite part of working at Toastiez?” –  they have a great environment and work culture. Management strongly supports my education and understands that I’m a student first. She’s always flexible with my schedule, trying to balance my classes with my work schedule.

To summarize, I can not wait to return and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to eat in Greenville, especially for people who have a budget and want good quality food. Toastiez reaches beyond any student expectations! I would say this place accommodates students and fills the stomachs of so many. I will be going back, bringing my friends with me at that time!


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