Greenville University Dinning Commons: Fan or Foe

Media by Luis Carlos Duran, Christian Fuentes

The Greenville University Dining Commons, better known as “D.C.,” is an excellent place for students to bond with one another while taking a break from their busy school schedules. What better way to connect, relax, and reenergize than with a healthy balanced meal. In this video, we would see the opinions of many students who have different points of view about the Dinning Commons. Through the opinion of the Greenville Students may the Dinning Commons improves over time and be a much better experience for every student on Campus.

There is an old saying that a way to the heart is through the stomach but are Greenville University students getting a balanced nutritional diet to help their brains and body function to their fullest. Join us as we set out on Campus and ask students their thoughts on this vital topic. 

Warning: Before eating food, please check Nutrition Facts.    

Media by Luis Carlos Duran, Christian Fuentes, Ruben Martinez

Made by: Luis Carlos Duran, Christian Fuentes, Ruben Martinez.


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