Life as a student-athlete: Luis Carlos Duran

In the USA, it is really common for college students to go to college and participate in sports. The important part of this situation is having a balance between academics and sports. That is why some people are not able to be a student-athlete. To be a student-athlete in the USA gives you an advantage over any other student or person when is trying to find a job because it means that you a committed person, you know how to work in a team, you have a better communication skills, and you develop different skills than other people that are not student athletes. 

A student athlete is a student who represents their university in the sport of their choice while he / she is enrolled in classes as a full time student. 

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Luis Carlos Duran as a student-athlete gave us a space to talk a little about his sport, his academics, and private life, as well as some of his achievements, impressions, and bad moments that he has had to go through during his time at Greenville University.

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Media by Rubén Martínez

Luis Carlos is a Junior from Veracruz, Mexico. His major is Digital Media and He has been part of the GU soccer program for the last three years. His first year at Greenville University, he was second team All-Conference and made it to the semifinals of the SLIAC Tournament. His second year was the Covid Year even though the bad moments and adversities, Luis Carlos was the top scorer of the Greenville Panthers and led the team to the quarter finals of the SLIAC Tournament. Also, he was first Team All-Conference the same year. Right now, in his third year at The Ville, he has had an important role on and off the field to lead his team to the championship.

 “ My time at Greenville University has definitely been the best time of my life. I have learned so much from my teammates, classmates, teachers and coaches that will help me throughout my life. I hope this year we can achieve the team’s goal of winning the Sliac Championship and go to the NCAA National Tournament.”

During his time at Greenville University, Luis Carlos has faced the difficulties of being a student-athlete, he has learned how to manage his time combining soccer and classes. He realized that being a student-athlete is not just playing soccer. It is being a responsible and organized person that can manage the time to get everything accomplished. “ I thought that being a student-athlete was not as complicated as it is, when I first got here at Greenville, I did not know how to manage my time, I was more focused on soccer than my assignments and I realized that I needed to change some habits in order to get good grades in my classes and good performances on the field. With the help of my upperclassmen, they showed me how to better myself in the classroom and my time management skills.” Another very important aspect is managing missed classes and for that you must develop great communication with your teachers. At the beginning of the semester, let your teachers know (in person, by email, or by letter from your sports department) the dates when you will not be able to attend class to participate in competitions. A week before missing a specific class, remind the teacher of the absence and plan how you will carry out the day and when you will deliver your work. When you come back, make sure you turn in the papers on time. Luis Carlos is facing the transition to be part of the upperclassmen at Greenville University, it is time for him to step up and be the leader that he has been during his last two years to set the high standard on the field and in the classroom  that Greenville University asks for. 

Media by: Jhared Ugalde

“As part of the upper classmate at GU I know that my role has changed and it is my turn to help the underclassmen so they can get used to the student-athlete life, I know that with some advice or just for them, to see me how I manage my time to have my best performance in the classroom and on the field will help them to improve their habit and struggle the less being a student-athlete”. Luis Carlos assures that practicing a sport at the university helps academic results but practicing sport at a high level and being a good student requires perseverance and good organization, since most of the time is dedicated to practices and games.
Duran, is heading to his second half of his major at Greenville University and is ready to start thinking about his professional career with a digital media degree and with all the experience of being a student-athlete. In most cases, good athletes are magnificent students, athletes, responsible, committed, dedicated,  and amazing human beings, that is why companies in the United States prefer to hire student-athletes over normal students, they know that student-athletes are accountable people.

Made by: Christian Fuentes, Luis Carlos Durán, and Rubén Martínez


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