Finding your Place at GU

Burritt Hall
Media by Dillon Young

Article by Est Zhong, Dillon Young, and Nicole Garzaro

College is a wonderful time! You get to explore, meet new people, learn new things, and gain new experiences, but it’s also a time to learn more about yourself and you might wonder where exactly you might belong. Here at Greenville University, we would like to help you on your journey as best as possible and the start of that journey is figuring out where to live. Now that can be a bit scary but don’t worry, here at GU, we got you covered with many wonderful options!

Burritt Hall. Media by Dillon Young

The female-only dorm Burritt Hall offers a nice, clean, and friendly environment, if a bit noisy. Burritt is full of wonderful people but sometimes things can get hectic and dramatic, but life needs a bit of both to keep things lively. So for the ladies that love a busy, friendly, and clean place then Burritt is the place for you.

Joy Hall. Media by Dillon Young

Joy contrary to the name, this dorm is quite calm and relaxed. People here are polite and respectful, making very little noise. This relaxed atmosphere is perfect for people that love to wind down in a calm environment. Sounds like a perfect place for people that like peace and quiet.

Hood Hall. Media by Dillon Young

For all those social butterflies out there you might want to look at the Hood Hall. This dorm also hosts many of the athletes of GU. The nice people at Hood love connecting with others, holding get-togethers every week. Playing games and just a nice community overall. If this sounds like a fit for you then you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Janssen Hall. Media by Dillon Young

The Janssen dorm boasts a chill and peaceful environment. People here like to do things their own way, carving their own way through. This serene place doesn’t like their peace disturbed so that means no parties. Look no further if you think this is a good place for you.

Kinney Hall, unfortunately, feels a bit lonely. Not many people around and not much talking but the people here respect personal space. Feels a bit disconnected and not too much interested in events. There is however a nice diverse culture here. Luckily, regardless of whether you are a freshman or a senior, you can make a home away from home here. This is definitely the place if you think of yourself as quiet and don’t want too many interactions.

Tenney Hall. Media by Dillon Young.

Jocks, this one is for you, the Tenney Hall is a friendly courteous place. While it might feel a bit isolated the people will help you feel welcomed. The people here are independent self-starters. They don’t need any directions and can get by on their own. For the self-starters out there you’ll fit right in here.

For the too cool for school crowd, you might want to look at Holtwick. This dorm offers a loud environment full of honest people that are a bit around the edges. Holtwick is one of the oldest dorms so it has a bit of history. While it might look a little dirty, you’ll find that this is still a great place to spend your time at GU.

Mannoia Hall. Media by Dillon Young

Unfortunately, Covid has turned the Mannoia dorm into sort of a lockdown place. For some reason, Covid loves this place. Hopefully, once Covid is over, Mannoia can go back to being a wonderful place to live.

Tower Apartments. Media by Dillon Young

For people that want a bit of fancier living, Tower apartments is the place for you. This cushy place offers a full-sized apartment for the upperclassmen that prefer that to the dorms. For people that are joining as upperclassmen, you might want to consider Tower for your residence.

Houses, like Marti, Kemp, and Tidball, that are disconnected from campus might be an option for the upperclassmen with their established social groups. They don’t host events but they do their own thing. The people here have no need for their parents. They are adults ready to take on the world. 

College can be stressful at times and figuring out where to live can be one of those times. It’s a difficult thought that requires a great deal of judgment. You’ll want to make sure you’ll like where you spend your time here at GU. But GU is here to help you through it.  Hopefully, this was able to shed some light on the many options before you.


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