Interview with Dr Lindani Memani

Alli Goering and Dr Memani
Alli Goering and Dr Meman. Media by Luke Rushik

Created by Alli Goering, Emanuel Khamala, and Luke Rushik

Join Alli Goering as she sits down to interview Dr. Lindani Memani, a recently hired English professor at Greenville University. Through this interview, Dr. Memani explains her journey before her employment at Greenville University, an inside scoop on her love for teaching, and what a day to day basis looks like for her. Alongside, she expresses her love for her students, the facility at Greenville University, and the people she has connected with through the school. A great amount of information, advice, and motivation is shared through this interview, so grab a notebook, a comfortable seat, and prepare to be inspired.

It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Memani. We are enthusiastic to see the impact she has on Greenville University in upcoming years. 


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