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Scott Boyd in the DC
Media by Alli Goering

Article by Alli Goering, Emanuel Khamala, and Luke Rushik

Around the world, thousands of universities offer a plethora of different opportunities, special activities, and experiences. Though every university has something unique, nothing can compare to Greenville University’s very own security guard; Scott Boyd. Other than his job of keeping students, staff, and visitors safe, Scott can form personal connections with people without a problem. Throughout campus, a great amount of good things have been shared about Scott, such as compliments to how hard he works, smiles during description of connection, and a multitude of stories . 

Without a doubt, it is known that students on the Greenville University campus are fans of Scott Boyd, and he feels the same way about them. Before being hired into his job at Greenville, Scott worked for the Police Force for thirteen years and worked in private security. Through the knowledge that he obtained from his previous work, it allows him to thrive in his current work. This year will be his third year at Greenville University, and he had many wonderful things to say about it. “I love working here because of the connections that I have made with students on campus”, Scott told us. Though he has made many friends, he still is not afraid to do his work and punish those who have done wrong. 

Media by Alli Goering

Greenville University is known as one of the safest schools in Illinois, providing a safe space for students to get a college education, with due respect to Campus Safety. Within the last year, a shooting occurred in Greenville sending campus into lockdown. During the lockdown, students and staff were updated with information by Scott, who was on lookout on campus and making sure everyone was in a safe place. With many students locked in H.J Long Gymnasium and the Rec Center, he made getting them out of there and to their dorms his priority. By constantly sending updates, coming to check in, and making sure everyone stayed put until it was safe to leave. His actions during the shooting gave many students reassurance, hope, and made them feel more safe knowing someone was looking out for them. 

All around campus, students always comment on how Scott can crack a joke and make them laugh. By visiting the Dining Commons, driving around campus, and walking around to make sure everyone is okay, students at Greenville see a lot of Scott. Almost every student on campus knows Scott, and they feel comfortable coming to him for safety reasons because of the personal connection that he shares with them. In a social atmosphere, Scott is overall a very polite person, opening doors for students, greeting people, and chatting with people. Over two hundred students on campus signed a petition for Scott to become the head of Campus Safety because they believed that the work that he is doing is good work. 

Media by Alli Goering

A range of students on campus have commented on how much they appreciate Scott Boyd’s service and attitude. “He is very kind”, “He knows how to make people smile and he’s one of the funniest people I have ever met”, “I really enjoy seeing him around, he always goes out of his way to say hello”, these are just some of the delightful things students at Greenville have said. Almost every night, Scott makes an appearance in the Dining Commons making his way around to every table, greeting students and asking how they are doing. Scott believes that by doing this, giving advice, and listening to students, he could have a small impact on their lives and that means the world to him. “If by listening, giving advice, or just being there for someone, has the chance of impacting their life in a positive way, I’ll do it”, Scott shared. 

Overall, Scott plays a big role in the community of Greenville University by providing the students with safety, smiles, and company. His dedication to the school is beyond any expectations a student can have for those assigned to protect them. On account of all students at Greenville University, thank you, Scott Boyd, for all you do.



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