Goodbye Holtwick

Holtwick Hall
Media by Kristina Velpel

Interview by Kristina Velpel, Zibo Dai, Marshal Wiegand, and Zach Nabers

Holtwick may not be the oldest building on campus, but it is one with a lot of history. Holtwick Hall was built back in 1962 as a residence hall for students to live in “pods” as a step into apartment-esque living. It’s been a struggle to keep up with the maintenance of such a historic building so that it can reach the satisfaction and cleanliness for students over the past few years, and I’m sure that by now we have all heard about how the university is going to be tearing down Holtwick residence hall within the next year. Tune in here for the inside scoop from Ross Baker, Dean of Students, as he gives some insight into the coming plans for Holtwick, along with some stories from his time as a student here at Greenville University. 


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