McAllaster Scholars

media by Luke Rushik

Article by Emanuel Khamala, Alli Goering, Luke Rushik

At Greenville University, a multitude of great accomplishments by students are recognized such as good work, grades, work through Christ, and the courage to learn. Students who excel at these things are placed under the category of the McAllaster Scholar’s. Recently, four year students were recognized for their great work at Greenville through the title of McAllaster’s Scholars, those students were Gidget Wade, Jaime Quesada, Greg Urbanc, Cole Simpson, Matthew Lehr, Haleigh Koppleberger, Violet Know, Lucas Hopkins, Emily Hogue, Lucas Doiron, and Maci Peterson. These students have done remarkable things throughout their time at Greenville and constantly are learning on how to share Christ’s word. 

media by Luke Rushik

During an interview with Jaime Quesada, he talked about the program as a whole, all the way back to the beginning. “When I was a high school senior I remember filling out the application process. The essay entailed us writing about our service work throughout our lives and our relationship with Christ,” said Jaime. He informed me that he actually received a full ride to the school, but still asked to be apart of the program. After the McAllaster’s scholar committee said yes, he was very excited to be apart of it. Throughout the interview, he spoke about some logistics of the program, including parts of how the scholarship involves classes and gives students the opportunity to collect more credits. During Jaime’s freshman year, the scholars took part in many events on campus and did a lot of enjoyable activities together. Such as, Star Wars night, movie nights, and service opportunities on campus. The event for the McAllaster’s Scholars a couple weeks ago featured them being honored and receiving chords for graduation. Jaime said that this program gives the students “the opportunity to get better.”

media by Luke Rushik

Another student from the McAllaster’s Scholars, Gidget Wade, explained how much she enjoys the connection with her fellow scholars and the opportunities she gets to share with them. She said, “Every month we have a get together, and I love being able to connect with my fellow scholars. I’ve loved getting to know them all”. Gidget also talked about how the program suffered when they lost their advisor in 2020, since then their new advisor is working hard though still busy with other things. The scholars appreciate all the hard work their advisor puts in and always try to help when they see the opportunity too. Gidget is very highly talked about through other scholars- Jaime specifically made many wonderful comments about Gidgets hard work and how she is always representing the program in the most positive way. In upcoming years, both Gidget and Jaime are looking forward to see what the McAllaster’s program holds for new coming students. 

The McAllaster’s Scholarship holds a very prestigious role on campus. Students involved are serving, honoring, and acting in ways of Christ. This program does many things for Greenville University and it is a positive way to promote the work of Christ to students. To apply for this scholarship, students can find it on and apply through the website. For incoming freshmen, this is a great opportunity on how to get involved and make a positive difference on campus. The seniors that were recognized, Gidget Wade, Jaime Quesada, Greg Urbanc, Cole Simpson, Matthew Lehr, Haleigh Koppleberger, Violet Know, Lucas Hopkins, Emily Hogue, Lucas Doiron, and Maci Peterson, have done exceptional work during their time on campus. 


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