Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Greenville

By Ian Roach and Megan Chapman

Here at Greenville University we are blessed with a beautiful campus and town. There are many places that are definitely Instagram worthy here in Greenville that we highly recommend you try out. Even just going for a short drive around Greenville you will surely run into some Instagram worthy places. Here are a few of our favorites.

On campus there is the Jesus statue that you and your friends can hangout at, socialize, take pictures, do homework and much more. He’s a perfect spot to take a picture at. There’s even a button you can press and listen to music while sitting with him.
Houge tower is one of our iconic places on campus. It stands in the center of campus and its architect is beautiful in all seasons.
Most newcomers take pictures here at our GU sign usually to commemorate their acceptance to the University.
Our mascot Hoguey is a great person to find on campus and snap a pic with. He loves pictures!
There are other beautiful places off campus but still in Greenville to take pictures at. Patriots Park is just a hop, skip, away from campus and there you can get beautiful nature shots by the lake or in the trail.
Another place to get nature shots is at our Ayers Field Station. Its about ten minutes north of Greenville.
Evergreen is a local greenery shop in the square were you can buy succulents and all sorts of plants and pots. It is a gorgeous shop and we recommend whenever your in Greenville to stop by here. Search up Evergreen Plant Co. on Facebook or @evergreengreenville on Instagream to find out more about this store.
Lastly there are a few murals on the buildings in the square of Greenville that you and you friends can go to to take some cool pictures.

There’s also plenty of more places in town to take some beautiful pictures like the GU sporting events and other social events but these are a few we recommend you try!


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