ABP Podcast about the Enneagram: Ep 3

created by Myah Davidson, Bella Johnson, Brennan Boyer

Awesome Blossom Possum presents a podcast series about Enneagram types and then dives into how it affects students and faculty as they live. ABP would like to present this week’s podcast on Enneagram type 1. Enneagram type 1s are known as the Reformer. The podcast’s goal is to interview students and faculty of Greenville University based on their enneagram type to discover how they live as their enneagram type on campus and will be hosted by a member of ABP. In this episode of the ABP Podcast, we dive into the Enneagram type 1 with host Bella Johnson and special guest Nathaniel Kriebel. As a listener, you can take away what defines him as a type 1 and how he lives out his daily life on campus as his specific type.


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