ABP Podcast about the Enneagram: Episode 1

created by Myah Davidson, Bella Johnson, Brennan Boyer

Awesome Blossom Possum presents a podcast series about Enneagram types and the dive into how it affects students and adults as they live their lives. The Enneagram is a number system consisting of numbers 1-9, and each number represents a personality “type.” Taking an enneagram test will result in one type having more emphasis than all of the others, which would be the “type” that a person is (ex: Myah took the test and 8 was the category that stood out the most in the results, so she is a “Type 8”). The goal of the podcast is to interview students and faculty of Greenville University based on their enneagram type to discover how they live as their enneagram type on campus, and will be hosted by a member ABP. In this episode, Brennan, Bella, and Myah answer some of the questions that they will ask future podcast guests to let listeners get a taste of what they’ll hear later.


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