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More Pros of the Con

This year, I again attended Wizard World’s Saint Louis Comic Con. This was their second year doing this, and it was a huge improvement from the year before. There were more celebrities, bigger panel rooms, bigger show room floor, more artists, and more comics. Of course, even though all of this was amazing, it seems what really made my weekend was one specific celebrity by the name of Manu Bennett.

Trailer Trash: Iron Meatball Oblivion About Nothing

Welcome to Trailer Trash!! A new program being implemented to the new and improved Papyrus Entertainment section (we only say new and improved now because we are bringing something new), Trailer Trash is a place where myself (Austin Schumacher) and that other guy (Jake Cannon) will be bringing you some of the latest releases in movie trailers and revealing our thoughts about them. This weeks entries include Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, Oblivion, Iron Man 3, and Much Ado About Nothing. So hang on for the ride as we take you down the dark winding paths of our minds and opinions about movies.....well, not really, but sometimes there is a tidbit or two that is rather interesting. Anyways, enjoy!!