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Where Did the Agape Go?

Written by Regina Sanders. Media by Quinten Brown. “Agape.” What a strange word. Is it . . . Greek? Yeah, it’s one of those Greek...

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 31 – Lindsey...

In this episode, Austin and Jake discuss the Agapefest move and the newest IKEA commercial plus Lindsey Sterlings has a new video. Merry Christmas!

Where Is Everyone?

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Media by Jessica Sturgeon. Getting to be the Campus News Editor this semester has given me the opportunity to go to events I might not otherwise attend. To my disappointment a majority of the time I get there and realize nobody else usually attends them either. So it gets me wondering, where is everyone? I know we’re a small school, but that should be a even bigger reason to show up to events. Now I know everyone has different excuses and reasons, and some of you do show up, but I have covered a lot of Campus Events in these last few semesters and the same few people are usually present, and they frequently the ones that plan the events.

Ravenhill Delivers The “Soul”

Written and media by Jake Cannon. It’s hard to come by good rock and roll nowadays in the world of pop, auto-tune, and Lady Gaga. You can hardly find any truly good music with some soul. That’s where southern Illinois band, Ravenhill, steps in. Ravenhill has its humble beginnings in the lowly southern Illinois region, (in)famous for being a “quaint rural area,” according to the all-powerful Wikipedia. In an interview with Geek Sheek, front man Joshua Clifton said, “We started off with two of us and a friend in my living room after our other bands had ended with an acoustic [guitar], an air organ and a plastic tub just writing and experimenting with some songs for the fun of it.” Thus, Ravenhill was born.

AgapeFest T-Shirt Contest

Written by Kevin Dunne Media by Kat Kelley. Do you like to wear clothes? Do you like to listen to music? Do you like to...