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“Accidental Racist”??

Written and Media by Austin Schumacher Racism. Wasn’t that something that the U.S. took care of back in the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks? I thought we were over all that jazz. Besides, I just went to see 42, the movie about Jackie Robinson. All that stuff about blacks and whites and all the hatred, that’s all done now, right? …….Right?? Wrong. At least, according to country artist Brad Paisley, it’s certainly alive today, and considering the firestorm that has been brewed on account of his new song “Accidental Racist,” I would have to venture that most of the country agrees with him. Now, exactly what Paisley is trying to say about that racism takes a slightly different slant than most people would think. Included on his newly-released album Wheelhouse, the song opens depicting a conversation that takes place between a customer and the man behind the counter at Starbucks. Taking on a bit of country ballad flavor, the Paisley claims that he only wants to show that he’s a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan by wearing one of their t-shirts, but “The red flag on my chest is somehow like the elephant in the corner of the south.” In the song, he claims “We’re still siftin’ through the rubble after one hundred fifty years,” and teams up with LL Cool J at the end to say that if the black man and the white man would just not judge one another based on appearances and things that happened generations ago, then maybe we could understand one another.

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