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Life is Short: Deja Sawyer

Writing and Media by Lauren Buser Life is short.  These words ring in the ears of college students all too often.  For most, it is...

Selena Gomez Takes a Break

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Alli Haug. Heartbreaking news for Selena Gomez fans: the singer is taking a break from music. Last year, Gomez...

Next to Normal

Written by Emma Canady. Media by Logan Nelson. There are very few things in this world that I love more than live theater. The lights,...

Surviving as a Socially Awkward Person in College

Written and Media by Mary Todd Christian. We have all experienced social awkwardness from time to time, but I would argue that my social anxiety...

Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

“He ended up gaining the freshman fifteen.” These are words no college student wants to hear or experience. It’s something that our parents and friends warn us about right before giving us a pat on the back and sending us off to college. It’s something that freshmen don’t want to believe to be true until they look in the mirror or on a scale and start to see a difference.